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Chinese women have a very unusual appearance. The strong social pressure in ancient China has led to the fact that females do not just want to be beautiful, but they are obliged to be so. Chinese beauty standards have endured tremendous changes over thousands of years, but as before and today also they hit with their uniqueness, reaching even to the extreme.

Ancient China: the beauty standards and the pain

A woman in ancient China played a secondary role. Her status was reduced to the role of a daughter, wife and mother. Men dominated both in society and in the family, their voice was decisive in all matters, and a woman used to be weak and defenseless. What was the ideal Chinese beauty?

  1. One of the most chanted parts of the body were eyebrows. Perfect eyebrows - curved, bright, thin. Eyebrows were often compared to a crescent or moth antennae.
  2. Eyes had to be elongated with lifted external corners.
  3. Ancient Chinese beauty used to have a small mouth. She often covered her lips with a red structure resembling a modern lipstick.
  4. A face had to be necessarily elongated and tapered to a chin. The distance between eyes needed to be equal to the length of an eye. A face was divided into horizontal and vertical sectors, each of which had to be enforced by relevant proportions.
  5. As in Europe, in China since ancient times light skin was appreciated a sign of aristocracy. However, in addition Chinese women had to own except a white skin also a pinkish hue on it, representing the perfect harmony of white and red.
  6. Feet like lotus flowers. The most erotic part of the female body according to the ancient Chinese men were tiny feet. The ideal length of the feet was 3 inch. Of course, such a foot length was not natural. Chinese women artificially reduced the size of a foot through the practice of bandaging.

Modern Chinese women: the European fashion beauty influence

The era of emperors and courtesans with lotus feet is disappeared. Chinese beauty standards have changed, but not the serious attitude to it of Chinese girls. How do Chinese women try to be beautiful today?

  1. The skin bleaching, upper eyelid and nose correction surgery, increasing growth - this is just a small list of the procedures required in order to become a Chinese beauty queen. They still keep the ancient beauty traditions mixed with the European ones.
  2. Despite their natural slenderness, Chinese females tend to body thinness even more. By the way, in China it is almost impossible to pick up jeans of the 44th size - there are almost no girls with such a physique in China, their maximum size can be the 40th.

It can be said that the Chinese type beauty are not silicone breasts, full lips and a California tan. It is a straight nose, almond-shaped eyes, a narrow chin and tiny lips.

It seems that the Chinese standards of beauty are less aggressive than the European ones, but both the first and the second are achieved, as a rule, due to the plastic surgery. Often young Chinese girls get the surgery as a gift from their parents for the graduation.

In 2012, the representative of China's Yu Wenxia second time won the title of "Miss World" at the international competition. Five years earlier,in 2007, "Miss World" was a Chinese woman Zhang Zilin.This prompted me to create a perfect rating to representatives of China.In my top 10 the most beautiful Chinese women were included the Chinese models, actresses and winners of beauty contests.

  • 10. Tang Yu Hong (19 July 1986) - Chinese actress.

    Tang Yu Hong most beautiful chinese women photos

  • 9. Yuan Quan(6 October 1977, Hubei City, China) - Chinese actress and singer.

     Yuan Quan most beautiful chinese women photos

  • 8. Ruby Lin (Lin Xinru(1976,  Taipei, Taiwan) - Taiwanese actress, pop singer and producer. Her English name is from her mother's love of the jewel.

    Ruby Lin  most beautiful chinese women photos

  • 7. Liu Duo Duo (27 May, 1990) - popular Chinese model and actress.

    Liu Duo Duo most beautiful chinese women photos

  • 6. Jiang Qinqin (3 September 1975, Chongqing, China) - Chinese actress.

    Jiang Qinqin most beautiful chinese women photos

  • 5. Zhang Zilin (22 March 1984,  Shijiazhuang, Hebei) - beauty queen and fashion model who won Miss China World in 2007 and was crowned Miss World 2007, representing China, one of the most beautiful chinese women.

    Zhang Zilin most beautiful chinese women photos miss World 20074. Viann Zhang Xin Yu (28 March 1987) - Chinese model, actress and singer.

    Beautiful Chinese Women Viann Zhang Xin Yu photos

  • 3. Ma Yanli (25 November1974) - Chinese top-model and designer.

    Ma Yanli most beautiful chinese women photos

  • 2. Fan Bing Bing (16 Semtember 1981) - Chinese actress, singer and producer.

    Fan Bing Bing most beautiful chinese women photos

    And the first place of the most beautiful chinese women:

  • 1. Li BingBing (27 February 1973, Heilongjiang, China) - Chinese actress and singer.

    Beautiful Chinese Women Ly Bing Bing

Finally, beautiful Chinese women are one of the most prettiest in the world.

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