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Biography of Park Shin Hye

Beautiful and the talented actress Park Shin Hye is also a popular singer, popular model. She assiduously comprehends all the basics of acting and singing skills, step by step building her career, dreams about new roles and songs. And admirers of her talent have already studied her biography, compiled a list of the most important and significant events in the life of attractive Korean woman. To date, she is the most successful actress in Korean cinema.

Park Shin Hye / Park Shin Hye korean actress photo

Young actress was borned in 1990, February 18. In the family, in addition to Park Shin Hye, there are another child - the elder brother of the girl. The first step in acting was the victory in the casting, which was determined starred in a music video. This video has not gone unnoticed, has gained popularity, so the girl's face, who was still at primary school, has also become recognizable. After high school, she entered the University of Seoul Chung-ang. Simultaneously with study young Korean actress improves skills, actes in music videos, commercials.

Park Shin Hye in her early years decided to try as a singer and creator of songs. Several soundtracks and songs have been made in the first separate drive.
The most serious actress announced herself in the Korean dorama (dorama - the original series), "Stairway to Heaven." Although this was also a small role, but she attracted the attention of viewers, it has become recognizable. Soon an invitation for the filming of a drama like "Seul1945" received, it is one of the most popular in South Korea.
And a new round of fame - shooting in the "Paradise tree". The series opened new sides of talent and personality of the young actress, who had to play the heroine in love with her brother. The role in "Paradise tree" was happy, because she has brought a lot of new and interesting proposals.

Park Shin Hye beautiful korean model

Beauty of Koreans gave her the opportunity to become a famous model too. She starred in commercials reputable brands, well-known companies in Asia, manufacturers of clothes, cosmetics, perfumes.

Park Shin Hye beauty figure

Movies "Evil twin" and "Fear of love" brought new glory and love of even more fans. After these shootings contracts to participate in the colorful and interesting dramas on the plot signed, one of them - "The Palace C". This series in 2007 received the title of the most viewed. To fully meet the character and appearance of the heroine of the series, Park Shin Hye even cropped short her beautiful hair. And short hair is really liked by the audience.

Park Shin Hye dorama photo

New acting experience she gained in the series «A.N.JELL: You're beautiful!", Because in the script she had to portray Man. The series has brought many more surprises actress - the ability to show her singing talent, the ability to shoot with the popular singer and actor Jang Keun-suk.
In 2010, "Cyrano Agency" went out on the wide screen with Park Shin Hye in the title role. And in 2011 for the shooting at this film a young woman has won a prestigious award Beaksang Arts.

Park Shin Hye

Soon the fame of the actress spreads to other Asian countries, she was invited to shoot the film in Taiwan "Hayate - combat butler." But participation in the shooting of this time brought only by critics and audiences and professionals.

Multifaceted talent often helped the actress best way to cope with the role. For example, in the dorama "Strings of Soul", she played a traditional Korean instrument gayageum. Before this tool was unfamiliar by young woman, she learned musical skills very quickly, during the filming.

Park Shin Hye в шляпе фото

Career of singer and career of the actress developed simultaneously. And Park Shin Hye as actively as in the shooting, and participates in various music programs. In 2012 she and Yong Gon (R & amp; Bduet Brown Eyes) participated in several episodes of the show "Music and Lyrics," but more importantly, they were able to write a song together, full of romantic feelings.

Park Shin Hye popular Korean singer

Another dorama in the cast list - "Do not worry, I'm a ghost." And another bonus - reward in `KBS Drama Awards`.
One of the last roles associated with the youth dorama "My neighbor is handsome" and the film "Miracle at kamere№7". A lot of popular and favorite in South Korea actors and actresses removed there. The last movie even began to record at the box office among all Korean films during the existence of the cinema. This was evidence of thorough talent bright and beautiful girl.

Park Shin Hye in ordinary life

Private life of Park Shin Hye

Park Shin Hye is young and beautiful, charismatic actress. And, of course, her personal life is very interested to the fans, as well as those who is interested in Korean cinema in general. The attention to events in the life of a girl has been active from the time when she was a student of junior classes, passed the casting and became a star in films and serials.

The first line in an artistic book Park Shin Hye is a victory in the casting, which gave her a chance to become famous. It is at this casting she was included in the crew music video filmed for the song of the famous Korean singer Lee Seung-hwan. Little girl have entrusted the main role, and she coped with it.

Park Shin Hye magazine photo

Filming of the clip is an important milestone of becoming an actress. While at the time filming was her personal life. Soon the girl herself began to write songs and soundtracks, some even made her first single disc.

Next fortune smiled the actress when she was invited to star in "Stairway to Heaven", romantic Korean dorama. This is a very popular and well known among South Korean TV series, so the girl's face quickly gained popularity. In the film, she also played the main character (at the time of her youth). Recognition was the reward of many favorite channel SBB.

  1. Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho together

Fans of the actress and the actor who made her pair on the set of one of the following "Heirs" films, suggest that among young people there is a real affection. But the heroes of rumors (Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho) does not give any precise allegations or specific denial of fan speculation. Lee Min Hove interview said only that rumors had convinced him in his good acting.

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Park Shin Hye with short hair

Park Shin Hye

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