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Lee Min Ho and his main motto of life is never to give up.

The Japanese TV drama about love, about life, about strong natures and worthless people constantly attract thousands of fans who learn to live and arrive as their favorite heroes to screens. In recent years movies and dramas where in leading roles acts the famous actor Lee Min Ho don't descend from screens.

Ли Мин Хо / Lee Min Ho корейский актёр фото

Short biography

Each father dreams of the son and practically every second designates to the son career in sport. Little Lee Min Ho, since the childhood dreamed to be strong and rapid, such as his favorite football player Cristiano Ronaldo. But fate decided otherwise, and the screen lit up the star name, the talented actor. Lee Min Ho was born in Seoul (South Korea) in June 22, 1987. The pleasant young man with good manners, the tightened sports figure was fond of an acting in high school and already in a graduation class became the pupil of actor's school of the Starhaus Entertainment company. Playing small roles in television serials dramas, he dreamed of an acting career. But a serious accident pulled out him for quite a long time from the actor's environment.

Ли Мин Хо с длинной чёлкой фото

Triumphal return to a scene has begun in 2009 after his leading role in the drama "Boys Over Flowers" (KBS2), removed based on popular mangas. Clever game on the principles of symbolism (the raised eyebrow, a tear on a cheek) opened before the audience a window in unrealizable. TV Series, and with them the main character, became a part of the life of the simple viewer. The role has brought to the actor popularity, love of millions of admirers and numerous awards. See also: The best Korean series

Also famous Korean actors have acted in the drama "Florets after Berries" from Lee Min Ho: Kim Bum and Kim Hyun-joong.

Ли Мин Хо в дораме Цветочки после ягодок фото

Private life of Lee Min Ho

There is a wish to know everything about the favorite hero, to imitate the idol in a manner to put on, speak, arrive. There is a wish to be near always. Acting skills of Lee Min Ho grow and his popularity grew. In an interview, avaricious messages of the producer, fan learn preferences of the actor. The girl of his dream shouldn't be a beauty, but differ in diminutiveness, good character, light skin and, the most important, love him. Lee Min Ho differs in reserve and in the interviews tries to tell more about friends, favorite actors and athletes, future roles, but not about personal. Long-term friendship with the actress Park Min Young (with which the actor starred in the drama "City Hunter"), hasn't led to a matrimony, they have left.

Ли Мин Хо и Пак Мин Ен пара фото

Perhaps the 27 year old actor has a family, but who is his fiancee, remains a secret private life of the actor. In his interview with Lee Min Ho stressed that a lot of time-consuming tight shooting schedule and it's almost the main reason for his "unwelcome" freedom, but he hopes to create a real family favorite. Shooting serials dramas inevitably lead to a romantic relationship with the heroine of the film. So, Pak Yong Bo, who played with him in a drama "Secret Campus" and after the shooting remained a close friend to him.

Acquaintance to Lee Min Ho's biography, his ascension to star heights is impossible without, at least, the brief summary, the actor's filmography: from a debut to a star.

Ли Мин Хо с партнёршей Пак Бо Ен фото вместе

Lee Min Ho's debut role was in the Japanese TV series "Confidential Campus" (2006), and on the present the film star it became after the main role in the drama "Florets after Berries" (2009). Till 2006 there were shootings where the actor perfected the skill.

From dramas world fame to the actor was brought by the serial film "Confidential Campus" which came out in 2006.

Since 2005 the actor acted in 11 dramas, and since 2010 Lee Min Ho doesn't descend from screens of TV series and screens of big cinema. 80 countries of the world, including Asia, the USA, Europe, bought the drama "Personal Preferences". In 2011 an action drama "The city hunter" promoted growth of his popularity on Philippines, in China and, especially in Japan where it won first place in 2012, having become the leading star of the Korean wave of the drama. Now numerous awards and continuous shootings at cinema, practically don't leave to the actor of free time.

Ли Мин Хо в спортивной одежде фото


Lee Min Ho's Photos

Портрет Ли Мин Хо фото

Ли Мин Хо и Пак Шин Хё в рекламе фото

Ли Мин Хо и Пак Шин Хё фото вместе

Ли Мин Хо с цветом фото

Ли Мин Хо на страницах журнала фото

Ли Мин Хо в чёрном фото

Ли Мин Хо с длинными волосами фото

Ли Мин Хо в пальто фото

Ли Мин Хо самый красивый кореец в кинематографе фото

Ли Мин Хо в рекламе косметической продукции фото

Ли Мин Хо в полный рост в костюме фото

Ли Мин Хо с зачёсом фото

Ли Мин Хо стильное фото в корейском журнале

Ли Мин Хо в шляпе и с кучерявыми волосами фото

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