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Shepherd Breed is interesting not only to enthusiastic dog handlers. Dogs of this type are considered as the most smart among quadrupeds. Not without reason different types of sheep-dogs serve in armed forces and on the protected objects, at customs and law enforcement agencies. Shepherd has repeatedly proven not only their devotion to a person, but also an excellent sharpness and ability to assess the situation and come to the rescue.

Features of sheep-dogs

Breeds of sheep-dogs cast fine working qualities and high extent of adaptation to existence among people. Dog of this type can be prepared to perform a wide variety of tasks. And many types of sheep-dogs were developed with the practical purpose, and have improved the ability of the animal skills. But it is worth noting and beautiful appearance, which distinguishes all breeds of sheep dogs, their representatives have the impressive sizes, beautiful dense wool. The color of a dog can differ depending on breed, and each color is in own way interesting and beautiful. Securities is the quality of the dog as undemanding in care and resistance to the most difficult circumstances are valuable. The sheep-dog can serve even in a hard frost, it won't leave the person in a difficult moment. But for the four-legged friend was a true and loyal assistant, should pay attention to its education, beginning with the age of the puppy. Shepherd baby grows for a long time, just three years of its formation is completed. And in this age can be seen those characteristics that distinguish the breed dogs. From the first months of life the dog should be brought up properly, then to carry their service quality.

It is worth noting that Shepherd dog did not apply to decorative breeds, these are guard dogs, and they require a competent training. Even if the dog lives in the apartment and doesn't serve, you need to engage with it, to train and educate. In order that the dog looked magnificently, it requires proper care and nutrition. Sheep-dogs are dogs of the big size and the diet for them is selected nutritious, various, besides portions of a forage have to be sufficient for normal development. Only then the animal receives necessary quantity of minerals and can please the owner with a beautiful exterior, dense and brilliant wool, excellent health.

These dogs have a lot of fans. There are also many people who want to buy such courageous and beautiful friend. Before you take a puppy, it is worth studying popular breeds of sheep-dogs, their features in leaving, education, behavior. Happy owners of sheep-dogs even claim that their pet has the character.

Shepherd - one of the most famouse species of dogs. But few know that initially called shepherd dog breeds, which were used as helpers for shepherds. Shepherd later began to appear official dog breed. There are plenty of varieties of dogs. This post presents 45 photos different kinds of dogs Shepherd breed.

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Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd photo

North American Miniature Australian Shepherd

North American Miniature Australian Shepherd photo   

Anatolian Shepherd Dog (Kangal)

Anatolian Shepherd Dog (Kangal) photo   Basqued Shepherd

Basqued Shepherd photo

Belgian Shepherd Dog:


Belgian Shepherd Dog Malinois photo


Belgian Shepherd Dog Tervuren photo


belgium grunendal photo   


belgium laekenois photo

Eastern European Shepherd

Eastern European Shepherd photo

Pyrenean Shepherd   

Pyrenean Shepherd photo

Pyrenean Mountain Shepherd Dog

Pyrenean Mountain Shepherd Dog photo

Greek Shepherd

Greek Shepherd pictures

Average Asian Shepherd (Alabai)

Average Asian Shepherd photo

Caucasion Shepherd

Caucasion Shepherd photo

Romanian Shepherd

Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog photo

Hungarian Komondor

Hungarian Komondor pictures 

Hungarian Kuvasz

Hungarian Kuvasz photo

German shepherd

German shepherd photo

Scottish shepherd (Collie)

Scottish shepherd (Collie) picture

South Russian Shepherd

South Russian Shepherd photo

White Swiss Shepherd

White Swiss Shepherd photo

French Shepherds


French Shepherds  Briard photo  Beauceron

boseron french shepherd photo

Coolie Dogs

Coolie Dogs photo

Australian Cattle Dog (Blue heeler)

5Pastusha Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Kelpie

Australian Kelpie photo

Bergamo Shepherd

Bergamo Shepherd photo

Bulgarian Shepherd Dog

Bulgarian Shepherd Dog photo

Holland Schapendoes

Holland Schapendoes photo   

Border Collie

Border Collie pictures

Bouvier des Flandres

Bouvier des Flandres photo

Canaan Dog

Canaan Dog picture

Catahoula Leopard Dog (Catahoula Cur)

Catahoula Leopard Dog photo

  Catalan Shepherd

Catalan Shepherd photo

Croatian Shepherd

Croatian Shepherd pictures

English Shepherd

English Shepherd photo

Icelandic dog

Icelandic dog photo

Maremmano-abruzzese shepherd

Maremmano-abruzzese shepherd photo

Norwegian Buhund

Norwegian Buhund pictures


Bobtail shepherd with puppy photo

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Pembroke Welsh Corgi photo  
Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie) 

Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie) pictures 

Shiloh Shepherd

Shiloh Shepherd photo   

Swedish Vallhund

Swedish Vallhund photo

White Swiss Shepherd

White Swiss Shepherd photo

 Wyoming Sheepdog

Wyoming Sheepdog photo

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