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Molosser is a category of solidly built, large dog breeds that all descend from the same common ancestor. The name derives from Molossia, an area of ancient Epirus, where the large shepherd dog was known as a Molossus. See also: Hunting Dog Breeds, Photos

Molossers typically have heavy bones, pendant ears, a relatively short and well-muscled neck, and a short muzzle.

A Mastiff is a large molosser dog known for size and strength. The terms "the Mastiff group" and "the Mastiff" has been used synonymous with the term "molosser". As such, any molosser, including bulldogs, Great Danes, mountain dogs, pit bulls, and even small dogs such as the Boston terriers may be considered "Mastiff" in this broad sense.

However, the term is most commonly reserved for Dog breeds with the word "Mastiff" in their name including many of the largest of all dogs.

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French Mastiff or Dogue de Bordeaux

French Mastiff or Dogue de Bordeaux photo

Neapolitan Mastiff or Mastino Napoletano

Neapolitan Mastiff or Mastino Napoletano photo

English Mastiff

English Mastiff photo

Spanish Mastiff

Spanish Mastiff photo

Tibetan mastiff

Tibetan mastiff photo

Japanese Mastiff or Tosa-inu, Tosa-ken

Japanese Mastiff Tosa-inu photo

Brazilian Mastiff or Fila Brasileiro

Brazilian Mastiff or Fila Brasileiro photo


Bullmastiff photo

African Mastiff or Boerboel

African Mastiff or Boerboel photo

Majorcan Mastiff or Ca de Bou, Perro Dogo Mallorquina

Ca de Bou photo

The Bulldog breeds split from the Molossers in Europe and spread to the New World with colonization. Though smaller, Bulldogs are still considered to be Molosser breeds.
The Bulldog is a medium-sized breed of dog commonly referred to as the English Bulldog or British Bulldog. Other Bulldog breeds include the American Bulldog, Old English Bulldog (now extinct), Leavitt Bulldog, Olde English Bulldogge, and the French Bulldog.
Bulldogs are the 5th most popular purebreed in the United States in 2013 according to the American Kennel Club.

Alano español or Spanish Bulldog

Alano espanol or Spanish Bulldog photo

English bulldog

English bulldog photo

Alapaha Bulldog

Alapaha Bulldog photo

American Bulldog

American Bulldog photo

Catahoula Bulldog

Catahoula Bulldog photo

Olde English Bulldogge

Olde English Bulldogge photo

Continental Bulldog

Continental Bulldog photo

Brazilian Bulldog or Bulldog Campeiro

Bulldog Campeiro photo

French Bulldog

 French Bulldog photo

Other molosser breeds:

German mastiff

German mastiff photo

St. Bernard dog

St. Bernard dog photo

Newfoundland dog

Newfoundland dog photo


Rottweiler photo

Cane Corso

Cane Corso photo

Dogo Canario

Dogo Canario photo

German boxer

Molosser German boxer photo 


 Mollossus Sharpay photo

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