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The population of the wolf-dog hybrids called wolfdog, derived by breeding German shepherds and wolves. It is not difficult to guess the name of wolfdog formed from the words "wolf" and "dog". Most often wolfdog born from the mating of the male wolf and the domestic dog. Wolf mating with males is extremely rare (in fact, practically impossible), because the mating season the wolves favor with wolf fighting with each other in the grueling fights (sometimes they are fatal).

Two officially standardized European wolf-dog breed, derived from German Shepherds and wolves are Saarloos wolfdog and Czechoslovakian Wolfdog.

Wolf dog's Saarloos. Photo

Wolf dog's Saarloos. Photo

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog's photo

 Czechoslovakian Wolfdog photo

In Russia at the Perm Institute of Internal troops the experiment for obtaining wolfdogs was the most successful, because wolfdogs are one of the wolf-dog hybrids, which are controlled by man. For example, wolfhound bred by crossing the Canadian red wolf and Alaskan Malamute. The dog is very aggressive by nature and has tremendous force.

Volfkhound's photo

Вольфхунд фото

Wolfdogs have well-developed instinct, intelligence and stamina, having a steel grip on the wolf, they are very kind and gentle towards man. Now wolfdogs are widely used for protection of Russian borders. It is worth noting that it is about wolfdog Jack London wrote in his book "White Fang".

Training of a wolfdog. Photo

Дрессировка волкособа фото

Girl and wolfdog. Photo

Девушка и волкособ фото

Hybrid of a wolf and dog. Photo

Гибрид волка и собаки фото

Wolfdog's grin. Photo

Оскал волкособа фото

White wolfdog. Photo

Белые волкособы фото

Loki is the most famous wolfdog. Photo

 Локи самый известный волкособ фото

Wolfdog with the child. Photo

Волкособ с ребёнком фото

Sulimov's dog (Shalaika, shakalayka) is Russian hybrid jackal and dog bred by Klim Sulimov. For crossing were taken Nenets Laika and Central Asian common jackal.

This breed was developed by Klim Sulimov:mainly breeder security services of "Aeroflot". Initially the breed was used in airport security as a police dog. Sulimov has so characterized own breed:""My dogs combine abilities of huskies, which are capable to work at temperatures about -70 °C, with abilities of jackals who love a heat to +40 °C. They are ideal for our country".

Wolfdog's puppies. Photo

Щенки волкособа фото

Light puppy of wolfdog. Photo

Светлый щенок волкособа фото

Grown puppy of wolfdog. Photo

Подросший щенок волкособа фото

Wolfdog's puppies virtually impossible to buy. Basically, puppies for sale are of the first and the second generation hybrids.

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