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Top-12 Most Beautiful White Dogs

12. Dogo Argentino (Argentine mastiffs) - the fact of that the Dogo Argentino is banned in 10 countries, including Australia, New Zealand and Portugal, the breed has never been used as a fighting, although it has a formidable appearance, this breed has been bred exclusively for hunting and has a friendly character.

Dogo Argentino beautiful white dog photo

11. Akbash is very beautiful, large white dog of Western Turkey. Dogs of this breed are a group of Turkish shepherd dogs. History of the breed has 3000 years. It is a large and powerful dog.

Akbash is very beautiful Turkey white dog photo

10. Kishu (Kishu-ken, Kishu Inu) is a rare working breed of the Spitz family, originally from Japan island of Honshu. It is a noble, athletic, friendly, obedient, very quiet and faithful dog, which will be a magnificent companion for the family

Kishu-ken beautiful Japanese white dog photo

 9. Hungarian Kuvasz is a breed of dogs, bred in Hungary for the protection of animals.

Hungarian Kuvasz beautiful white dog photo

8. Pyrenean mountain dog - this breed is bred in France. Her ancestors were great dogs, once lived in Asia.

Pyrenean mountain dog beautiful white dog

7. West Highland White Terrier - the birthplace of the breed is Scotland. Originally created as a hunting breed dogs for hunting small game: this small, agile dog was quite able to climb over the victim and pull her even from the deepest hole.

West Highland White Terrier picture

6. White Swiss Shepherd Dog (American-Canadian white shepherd dog) - a working companion dog, wherein the special friendliness towards children; vigilant guard dog; easy and quick to learn. There are 2 kinds of white Shepherds: longhaired and shorthaired.

White Swiss Shepherd Dog photo

5. Maltese - refers to the species or Bichon lapdogs. Breed is considered old and it is connected with the island of Malta. Maltese are very inventive and playful. Because of their small size, they can easily turn the apartment into a comfortable range for their fun. These dogs just love to exercise.

Maltese beautiful white dog breed photo

4. Pomeranian Spitz is a decorative breed of dog. Some canine federation consider orange as a variety of German Spitz and others set it apart as a distinct breed. Pomeranian is tiny and small, medium rare. Miniature Spitz has a fun playful disposition, excellent hearing and loyal character. Pomeranian can tirelessly playing with children, active and energetic, but at the same time does not cause any trouble as obeys his master. This breed is characterized by intelligence and devotion, as well as the desire to please his master. Pomeranian responds well to training.

White Pomeranian Spitz beautiful dog photo

3. Samoyed dog (Samoyed) - one of the oldest breeds of dogs. It belongs to the group of "Spitz and primitive breeds of dogs" section. According to one version Samoyed leads originated from the Nenets Laika. Samoyeds - friendly, funny, smart dogs that do not like to unquestioning obedience and subordination, and sometimes very stubborn. Despite this, they are very attractive. Inclined to vagrancy, hardy and unpretentious, to retain the playfulness of old age. Samoyed dogs prefer not to bark, although some of them are very vigilant, like children. See also:. Sled dog (breed)

Samoyed dog (Samoyed) beautiful white dog photo

2. Bichon Frise is a French small breed of dog of the Bichon group (lapdogs). Bichon Frise just as a poodle in nature cheerful, playful, very active, bold but not aggressive. The nature of these dogs is quite complex, but they can easily find a common language with their masters, and give in any training. They are perfectly suited for life in the city and are accustomed to the tray, but still need regular walks, as the fresh air and active movement they need for good health. If the dog is put for exhibition career, the care it will require a lot of patience and skill, have pretty work on the external view of the dog before each show. Special health problems this breed is not observed, the average life expectancy of a dog big enough 15 - 17 years (the smaller the animal, the longer its life cycle).

Bichon Frise beautiful french white dog photo

1. Poodle is a breed dogs primarily decorative, one of the most common species in the moment. Poodle ranked second in the ranking of the most intelligent species, compiled by Dr. Stanley Coren, after the Border Collie. They are able to adapt to almost any climate. It is believed that the poodles were bred in France, but some call them home to Germany, since the word "poodle" is of German origin. It should be noted, however, that in France, this breed of dog called caniche from cane - duck, which indicates the origin of hunting poodle, French water dog. Life expectancy is Poodles from 12 to 18 years. Poodle smart, attentive and active dog, full of self-esteem. By virtue of his powers of observation and a high interest in the interaction with a person trained poodle easily and with interest, and with the right approach consistently demonstrate mastery of skills that earned him the reputation of a great circus dog. Poodles are very diverse in appearance and color. To participate in exhibitions in the FCI countries currently permitted the following options haircuts: "Continental", "Scandinavian lion", "Modern", "English lion"; for puppies - the first and second puppy (Pappy clip).

Beautiful White Poodle photo

Poodle beautiful white dog photo

King Poodle beautiful white dog breed photo

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