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Specifications and features of mini-series make them extremely popular. The series consists of a small number of episodes that you can watch within a day. You do not lose interest in the storyline and the brightness of vivid emotions that its events caused. As a rule, the plot is very laconic. The viewer can easily understand everything. He remembers all the details and the characters. The mini-series is a perfect alternative to long TV stories that can be watched for many months and even for several years.

Many detective stories, comedies, historical and fantastic mini-series form the rating of these short films. The fans of melodramas and the military genre movies can also find this stuff among them. Studios of different countries have been constantly making mini-series. American, French, British film industry representatives’ works are always on the top.

Which features of the mini-series do distinguish them from other formats?

Traditionally, such a movie consists of a small number of series, which are united by one story, shown by the actors. Those, who watch these films, remember the storyline, the details of the narration, the dialogues, and the details of the relationship between the characters. All these things are essential for the perception of the film as a whole.

Sometimes, it is extremely difficult to watch hundreds of episodes of one long series, to remember the development of the story, its details, to capture the sequence and interrelation of events accurately. Therefore, the mini-series is more convenient and attractive for fans of the TV genre. Additionally, it is not always easy to find time for a long viewing of all series of a long movie. Thus, you can always select a day off or several free evenings for 4-10 episodes, united by one event and a small number of actors.

The rating of popular mini-series includes the movies of many genres filmed different years. A lot of famous actors were shot in these films. We have chosen the best short TV series released in various countries. They will excite you from the very beginning of watching them. The coolest thing about them is that you can always be on time to watch this movie within a day only

  1. The Beauty Inside (2012, USA)

“The Beauty Inside” is a very unusual series. After watching it, you will want to think over your life and search for answers to many questions.  Alex, the main hero, wakes up every morning in the body of another person. It is difficult to get used to this, but the main thing is to save the inner beauty. Despite the philosophical atmosphere, the series is light, pleasant, and causes a lot of emotion. It is very easy to watch this film that stands out among other stories with a non-banal, completely unexpected storyline.

  1. Olive Kitteridge (2014, USA)

“Olive Kitteridge” is one of the best TV series on HBO. The life of a simple teacher, unremarkable, poor in events is in the center of history. However, everything is soo poor in her life only at first glance. The inner world of Olive is full of secrets and desires. Frances McDormand here played the main character — critics consider this role her benefit performance. The mini-series is based on the stories of Elizabeth Strout, Pulitzer Prize winner. The film was awarded four Emmys and became the winner of the Venice Film Festival.

  1. The Night Manager (2016, USA, Great Britain)

“The Night Manager” is a stylish and dynamic mini-series about the life of the former soldier of the British army. At the request of the person working for the Intelligence service, he is drawn into the business of eliminating the whole syndicate dealing with the arms. It turns out to be extremely dangerous and difficult even for a person who has devoted many years to military service. How will Jonathan Pine, the main hero of the mini-series, confront the criminal world? Will he win and fulfill the task of British Intelligence? You can find out it only by watching the film to the end. The main character, and all who follow the events of the series, take a step into the world of international intrigue, danger, and betrayal.

  1. Houdini (2014, USA)

The personality of the famous illusionist Houdini is considered to be one of the most mysterious once. Many of his tricks remain a secret still. The short mini-series “Houdini” will help you to understand how a simple street magician became one of the most famous and mysterious illusionists. Watching it, you will see how this unusual person lived. It was not as easy to perform all the tricks as it seemed first. Houdini was constantly training: he was trying hard to bring his skills to perfection. This man was unusual not only on stage but also in life. The series would not have been so unusual and popular if Adrien Brody had not played the main role in it.

  1. The Abyss (2010, United Kingdom, United States)

This is another mini-series of the genre, where mystical events harmonize with fiction and the real world. “The Abyss” tells about the expedition of scientists to the depths of the Arctic Ocean. It is difficult to stop watching this story, without knowing to the end what you can find at such a great depth. After the submarine with the scientists on its board got a wreck, they remained at the bottom of the ocean, under a huge water column. Can people save their lives in such a dangerous situation? The series holds the watchers in great tension from beginning to end. However, the film does not look tiresome, as the seasons consist of a small number of series.

  1. 11.22.63/11.22.63 (2016, USA)

This mini-series is based on Stephen King's novel, which tells about the events related to the Kennedy assassination. Using his own manner, the popular writer offers his own version of events. Therefore, the fans of King got the opportunity to meet a new film version. Like all the stories of the author, "11.22.63 / 11.22.63" is a whole bunch of unusual, fantastic and mystical events, which affect people's lives. The story tells about school teacher Jake Epping, who managed to get into 1960 and got the opportunity to change history. What can happen after it on the day that has become tragic for all Americans? The format of the mini-series let you watch the movie in one breath.

  1. Downton Abbey (2010-2015, Great Britain)

This mini-series was awarded the attention of the royal British family, as soon its representatives admired the film. The authors of “Downton Abbey” have already filmed six beautiful, exciting seasons that tell about the life of the Crawley from Downton, belonging to their family for many years. Watching the series, you will see the beautiful, unique atmosphere of old Britain. The film received many awards, including an Emmy, and Golden Globe. The actors were awarded as well.  If you watch this mini-series, you will get real aesthetic pleasure and even forget for a while about the modern world.

  1. American Crime Story (2016, USA)

This is another popular mini-series for thrill-seekers. It has even received an Emmy as the best short thriller in 2016. It tells about real criminal stories, the most interesting and unusual ones, that have happened in the United States. Many great actors filmed there. The critics mark the excellent work of the director and the screenwriter. The fact that all the stories in the seasons of the “American Crime Story” are based on real events will be especially interesting to the viewer. The mini-series has quickly gotten into the list of the most interesting short films.  Its fans are looking forward to the new seasons. The first one was about Jay Simpson, a football player, who was accused of a murder of his wife, and the second one was about Hurricane Katrina.

  1. Bates Motel (2013, USA)

Four seasons of this thriller mini-series have come out. “Bates Motel” will be interesting to the fans of this genre. It tells the background of “Psycho”, the hero of one of the most famous thrillers. It is natural that each one will be extremely curious to find out why the hero became a murderer, which of the events brought him to these changes. Vera Farmiga play is awesome here. The actress “forgot” about her traditional images of housewives. The series attracts attention not only by the storyline, telling about the most famous psychopaths. It is filled with a special atmosphere of anxiety and tension, which does not let you go from the beginning to the end of the series.

  1. Fargo (2015, USA)

This is an American exciting detective story, but with an atmosphere of black humor. The series was created based on the movie of the same name. The adventures of an insurance agent (Lester Nygaard) are in the center of the story. It turns out that, due to some circumstances, he has to become a real detective. It is stirring to observe how the main character is changing. Being a quiet, inconspicuous person, in the beginning, he turns into a real master of the investigation. Two seasons of the mini-series have already come out. They will surely attract the attention of fans of classic detectives and those ones, who love movies with humor. “Fargo” received several awards, including an Emmy.

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