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Latin American soap operas have long gained its audience. In many interenete Fanclub, forums, groups created for communication between the fans and the exchange of diverse information. Brazilian soap operas occupy a special niche.
I propose to read the Top 10 best Brazilian TV-series (soap operas).

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10.  The Tower of Babel / Torre de Babel (1998)

TV series Torre de Babel (1998) photos

Cesar Toledo opens the shopping center «Tropical Tower Shopping», popularly nicknamed the Tower of Babel. The brainchild of a lifetime, a dream in life - Cesar does not yet know that the holiday will turn into a tragedy and nightmares of the past to break into his happy, set life to destroy all that was under construction so hard ...

9.  The Favorite / A Favorita (2008-2009)

Brazillian soap opera The Favorite / A Favorita (2008-2009) photos

As a child, the main characters were friends, but as an adult, even made a musical duet "Faiska and Espoleta" sertanezhu speaking style, and have had success. The band broke up when the girls met with friends Marcelo and Dodi and played the wedding. Donatello was the wife of Marcelo, the son of the owner of the pulp and paper industry. Flora married Dodi, who comes from a poor family, who worked at the company his father Marcelo ...

8. Tropicaliente (1995)

brazilian TV series Tropicaliente (1995) photo

Beautiful and rich Leticia 17 years falls in love with Ramiro, a poor fisherman, who is seven years older than her. Girl throws everything and goes to live in a small hut, where they spend with Ramiro passionate honeymoon. But he was a fisherman, and he needs to sea. He gets into a boat and promises to return next month, so they could get married. And who knew that their meeting will take place only after 20 years ...

7. For Love / Por Amor (1997)

Brazilian Tv series For Love / Por Amor (1997) photo

Elena decided to take a great sacrifice - she secretly substituted the deceased newborn baby of her own daughter Mary Eduardo its own. Two characters - a mother and daughter (Ellen and Edward) - embodied on the screen the real mother and daughter in life - actress Regina Duarte and Gabriela Duarte. The main theme of the show are the family values are also affected by the problems associated with alcoholism, domestic violence, obsessive and unrequited love, adultery.

6. Hope / Esperança (2002)

Latin American soap opera Hope / Esperança (2002) photos

The series was moved to the beginning of the 1930s - the Great Depression in the United States. The main heroes were Italian immigrants. The young Italian sculptor Tony Genaro musician son, falls in love with Mary - the daughter of the enemy Genaro, a powerful fascist Juliano. Maria "promised" her father to marry another fascist - Martino. Unable to stand up to his father and Juliano, Tony goes from Italy to Brazil, not knowing that Mary pregnant with his child. Mary is forced to marry Martino.

5. Family Ties / Laços de Família (2000)

Latin American TV-series Family Ties / Laços de Família (2000) photos

The plot unfolds in Rio de Janeiro, in the exclusive beachside quarter Lebon, where only the rich people. In the middle of it is middle-aged woman Elena, the owner of beauty salon and having a grown-up sons and a daughter. This project is the epitome of a long-standing plan writer: to push the mother and daughter in the competition because of the man she loved.

4. The House Of Seven Women / A Casa Das Sete Mulheres (2003)

TV series of Brazilia The House Of Seven Women / A Casa Das Sete Mulheres (2003) photo

At the core of the Brazilian TV series on real historical events that occurred in the past in Brazil. The series is notable for the fact that so many of the scenes were filmed in the indescribably beautiful areas in the south of the country. In addition, interesting and large-scale battle scenes , which was attended by dozens of people. All events show revolves around a family of Colonel Bento Gonçalves , who is married to Caetano , born Uruguayan . This family seems to be all perfect : the enemies of envy and friends excited about the relationship between the spouses. Soon, however, the forced separation of spouses waiting for Colonel should go to the front.

3. Slave Isaura / Escrava Isaura (1976)

Best Brazilian TV-series Slave Isaura / Escrava Isaura (1976) photos

TV series based on the novel of the writer Bernard Gimarainsha. The plot of the film is devoted to the history of the struggle for love and freedom. The main character, Izaura - slave-quadroon, which must pass many tests before it will find long-awaited happiness with your loved one. But the show also touches on subjects and the plight of blacks in Brazil in the middle of the XIX century.

2. The way to India / Caminho das Índias (2009)

Brazilian TV series The way to India / Caminho das Índias (2009) photo

The series won the International Emmy Award 2009 in the category " Best TV series". In the telenovela topic was the life of Indians, with their centuries-old history and traditions entwined in connection with the Brazilian reality. Choosing an Indian theme was undoubtedly connected with the international success of the film " Slumdog Millionaire". The classic " love triangle " , complicated national motive of family tradition , a failed relationship was the main motive series. Inter-caste differences, mental illness, betrayal were other important themes of the story.See also: The most handsome Indian (Bollywood) actors

1. The Clone / O Clone (2001)

Brazilian soap opera The Clone / O Clone (2001) actors photos

One of the best Brazilian TV Globo series production of the first decade of the XXI century. For the first time in a television series produced by way of Brazil shows a detailed view of the Muslim family. For the first time in the history of Brazilian television series touched upon cloning. Another important theme of the show was the addiction. The series is full of a wide variety of beautiful Arabic songs. See also: The most beautiful Arab singers

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