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There are mostly muslims are living in Malaysia. But malaysian women are very different from many muslims. Almost all women wear hijab. They are very bright and beautifully dressed - suits of long skirts and blouses. All this is very closed and chastely. But it is very colorful and festive. Malasyan women are very strict and serious. Maybe they do not have the children's ease. Their purity and chastity are very cherished from birth until the last days. Such protection and care at all is a distinctive feature of the eastern "Asian" population. If a woman appears in public, mostly she is not alone. If there is not her husband around, then she appears with girlfriend, mother or sister. Female friendship is popular over here and a lot of colorful women's groups are often seen in the shops, cafes and parks.

Despite these conservative norms of behavior, malaysian women enjoy huge popularity among the world's leading designers. If we talk about the exterior of the malaysian women, they have the perfect body, dark hair, slanted eyes and flawless skin. They are exotic and really differ from European women. They impress everyone and virtually none fashion show is complete without a vested special charm, mystery and innate grace of Asian beauties.

11. Carie Ng (November 3, 1988) - Miss Universe Malaysia 2013.

Кери Энджи / Carie Ng  Мисс Малайзия 2013 фото

10. Diana Danielle (November 22, 1991) - Malaysian actress.

Beautiful Malaysian women. Diana Danielle beautiful Malaysian actress photo

9. Wawa Zainal (March 12, 1991) - Malaysian actress and model.

Beautiful Malaysian women. Wawa Zainal Malaysian actress and model photo

8. Melinder Bhullar (born 1992) - Miss World Malaysia 2013.

Beautiful Malaysian women. Melinder Bhullar Miss World Malaysia 2013 photo

7. Maya Karin (29 October 1979) - Malaysian film actress and singer.

Beautiful Malaysian women. Maya Karin Malaysian film actress photo

6. Juliana Evans (5 July 1989 Shah Alam, Selangor) - Malaysian actress and model.

Beautiful Malaysian women. Juliana Evans малайская актриса фото

5. Vanidah Imran (on 1 October 1973, Pulau Pinang) - Malaysian actress.

Beautiful Malaysian women. Vanidah Imran best Malaysian actress photo

4. Nur Fazura Sharifuddin (September 27, 1983) - Malaysian actress.

Beautiful Malaysian women. Nur Fazura hottest Malaysian actress photo

3. Neelofa (February 10, 1989 Pasir Mas, Kelantan Malaysia) - Malaysian actress, commercial model.

Beautiful Malaysian women. Neelofa sexy Malaysian actress photo

2. Siti Nurhaliza (11 January 1979) - Malaysian singer.

Beautiful Malaysian women. Siti Nurhaliza Malaysian singer photo

1. Fasha Sandha (born 28 March 1984 Johore) - Malaysian actress, the most beautiful among all Malaysian women.

Beautiful Malaysian women. Fasha Sandha famous and popular Malaysian actress. photo

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