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Vietnamese women are among the most gorgeous nations in world. Appearance of people, except their facial proportions, also depends on the body structure and mental health, and with this in the country, things are good. Vietnamese girls each year take part in different competitions of beauty and often get places in the top ten. The appearance of vietnamese women is changing a little with the age, of course, if they do not have major health problems or doing hard physical work. You can rarely meet fat people and fat women are even less than men.

Quite a lot of young ladies marry foreigners and go abroad. China, South Korea, Taiwan do not have enough brides, so vietnamese females firstly move away there. Taiwan is currently the home of about 200 thousand women. Many of them leave to other neighboring countries, but also faraway, such the Czech Republic.

According to the constitution of their country, men and women have equal rights. Traditions and lifestyles of the vietnamese woman are removed for a subordinate position. Confucian morality prescribes a woman listening to her father, husband, son. However, the changed economic and social conditions equalize the situation. Wife is also like a "home general," who secures a home.

Percentage of vietnamese women taking leadership positions is pretty big. Most of them work, but the number of women in heavy physical labor is gradually reduced.

In the past 10 years, Vietnam has formed gender imbalance. Boys of preschool age in the various provinces are in 20-25% more than the girls. This happened because of prenatal sex determination and abortion, which are so popular here. When after the clinic ultrasonic examination a couple finds out that they are expecting daughter, they often decide to have an abortion. In imbalance also makes the "brain" of brides abroad. Prenatal sex regulation is harmful to society and women themselves.

  • 20. Vu Thi Hoang My / Vũ Thị Hoàng M (13 November 1988) - Miss Vietnam 2010.

    Beautiful Vietnamese women, Vu Thi Hoang My Miss Vietnam 2010

  • 19. Vu Ngoc Hoang Oanh/ Vũ Ngọc Hoàng Oanh (10 January 1990) - she is known as the runner-up in the Miss Vietnamthrough pictures of women in 2012 in the finale.

    Beautiful Vietnamese women, Vu Ngoc Hoang Oanh

  • 18. Elizabeth Thuy Tien(May 27, 1983) - Vietnamese model.

    Beautiful Vietnamese women, Elizabeth Thuy Tien Vietnamese model

  • 17. Tila Tequila / Tila Nguyễn(October 24, 1981) - American model, singer and television personality.

    Beautiful Vietnamese women, Tila Tequila American model

  • 16. Diem My/ Diễm My(January 27, 1990) - Vietnamese actress and model.

    Beautiful Vietnamese women, Diem My Vietnamese actress

  • 15. Bebe Pham / Phạm Thị Thúy(April 3, 1983) - Vietnamese model and actress.

    Beautiful Vietnamese women, Bebe Pham Vietnamese model and actress

  • 14. Maggie Q(May 22, 1979) - American actress and model. Her mother is a Vietnamese immigrant.

    Beautiful Vietnamese women, Maggie Q American actress and model

  • 13. Anh Thu(1989) - Vietnamese model.

    Beautiful Vietnamese women, Anh Thu Vietnamese model

  • 12. Michelle Phan (April 11, 1987) - American make-up demonstrator and entrepreneur who became notable as a YouTube celebrity.

    Beautiful Vietnamese women, Michelle Phan photo

  • 11Phan Thu Ngân (1980) - Miss Vietnam 2000.

    Beautiful Vietnamese women, Phan Thu Ngân Miss Vietnam 2000

  • 10. Hoang Bao Tran Le / Lê Hoàng Bo Trn(March 12, 1998) - Vietnamese model.

    Beautiful Vietnamese women, Hoang Bao Tran Le Vietnamese model

  • 9. Veronica Ngô / Ngô Thanh Vân(February 26, 1979) - Vietnamese actress, singer and model.

    Beautiful Vietnamese women, Veronica Ngô Vietnamese actress, singer

  • 8. Truong Tri Truc Diem / Trương Tri Trúc Diễm (1987) - Vietnamese super model, actress.

    Beautiful Vietnamese women, Truong Tri Truc Diem Vietnamese super model, actress

  • 7. Mai Phuong Thuy / Mai Phương Thúy (August 6, 1988) - Miss Vietnam-2006.

    Beautiful Vietnamese women, >Mai Phuong Thuy Miss Vietnam 2006

  • 6. Viet Trinh / Việt Trinh(November 27, 1972) - famous Vietnamese film actress.

    Beautiful Vietnamese women, Viet Trinh Vietnamese film actress

  • 5. Nguyen Thuy Lam / Nguyễn Thùy Lâm (September 10, 1987) - Vietnamese singer and actress, Miss Vietnam Universe 2008.

    Beautiful Vietnamese women, Nguyen Thuy Lam

  • 4. Nhu Thao(1987) - Vietnamese model.

    Beautiful Vietnamese women, Nhu Thao Vietnamese model

  • 3. Ly Nha Ky / Lý Nhã Kỳ(1982) - Vietnamese advertising model, actress, businesswomen.

    Beautiful Vietnamese women, Ly Nha Ky Vietnamese advertising model

  • 2. Alex Tran (1987) - Vietnamese model, Miss Vietnam Global 2009.

    Alex Tran Vietnamese model

  • 1. Jennifer Pham (July 3, 1985) - Miss Vietnam USA 2004(2nd place)Vietnamese American Top Model 2005, Miss Vietnam Southern California 2006 and Miss Asia USA 2006.

    Beautiful Vietnamese women, Jennifer Pham Miss Vietnam USA 2004

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