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Lebanese women and girls are known for their attractive appearance, beautiful voices. Lebanese women took first place at the prestigious international competitions: Miss Universe, Miss International and Miss Intercontinental.

Unfortunately, most Lebanese women more and more often expose themselves to plastic surgery for breast augmentation, lip make, liposuction. Today, Lebanon can be called "Mecca of plastic surgery" in the Arab world.

The Top 26 most beautiful Lebanese women includes well-known singer, actress, model, TV presenters and winners of beauty contests with Lebanese roots and living in Lebanon or abroad.

  • 26. Dominique Hourani (August 7, 1985) - Lebanese singer, actress, Miss Intercontinental 2003 and the former top model. It is considered one of the sexy women in the Arab world.

    Dominique Hourani Lebanese singer photo

  • 25. Rosarita Tawil (1988 in Beirut, Lebanon) - Lebanese model, winner of the title "Miss Lebanon 2008", Lebanon was represented at the contest "Miss World 2008".

    Rosarita Tawil Miss Lebanon 2008 photo

  • 24. Nadine Aghnatios (September 15, 1977, Lebanon) - Lebanese TV presenter of news.

    Nadine Aghnatios Lebanese TV presenter photo

  • 23. Rima Fakih (October 2, 1986 Srifa, Lebanon) - Lebanese-American participant and the winner of the beauty contest "Miss USA 2010", "Miss Michigan 2009".She is the second Lebanese, the first Arab woman, the first Muslim woman and the first immigrant, managed to win the title of "Miss USA".

    Rima Fakih Lebanese-American girl Miss USA 2010 photo

  • 22. Gabrielle Bou Rached (December 13, 1985 Guards Dzhezin) - Lebanese model and actress, "Miss Lebanon 2005"

    Gabrielle Bou Rached Miss Lebanon 2005 photo

  • 21. Jessica Kahawaty (September 12, 1988 Sydney) - Australian model of Lebanese descent, the owner of the title of second runner-up Miss International beauty contest "Miss World 2012". The winner of the beauty contest "Miss World Australia 2012".

    Jessica Kahawaty Australian model of Lebanese descent photo

  • 20. Dolly Shahine (2 July 1985 in Lebanon, in a Catholic family) - Lebanese singer, actress, fashion designer, dancer and makeup artist. Her father - a Lebanese Joseph Shaheen and his mother - Brazilian.

    Dolly Shahine beautiful Lebanese singer photo

  • 19. Georgina Rizk (January 3, 1953, Beirut, Lebanon) - Lebanese actress and model, as well as the 1970 Miss Lebanon and Miss Universe 1971.

    Georgina Rizk Miss Universe 1971 Lebanese woman photo 

  • 18. Ghida Fakhry (1970 in Beirut, Lebanon) - Lebanese journalist.

    Ghida Fakhry nice Lebanese journalist photo

  • 17. Anabella Hilal (1986, Beirut) - Lebanese model and actress.


  • 16. Nicole Saba (26 June 1974, Beirut, Lebanon) - Lebanese pop singer and actress.

    Nicole Saba sexy Lebanese pop singer photo

  • 15. Sally Greige (1989, El Cura, Lebanon) - Miss Lebanon 2014.

    Sally Greige Miss Lebanon 2014 photo

  • 14. Shakira (February 2, 1977, Barranquilla) - Colombian singer, dancer, songwriter. Her father, a Lebanese Arab, and his mother c Colombian Spanish and Italian blood.

    Shakira sexy Lebanese girl photo

  • 13. Haifa Wehbe (March 10, 1976 in Mahrune, Lebanon) - Lebanese actress and singer, popular in the Middle East. Her father, a Lebanese Shiite, her mother Christian Egyptian See. also: The most beautiful Egyptian women

    Haifa Wehbe most beautiful Lebanese actress and singer photo

  • 12. Rina Chibany (1991, Zahle, Lebanon) - Miss Lebanon 2012.

    Rina Chibany Miss Lebanon 2012 photo

  • 11. Myriam Fares (May 3, 1983, Lebanon) - Lebanese pop singer.

    Myriam Fares beauty Lebanese pop singer photo

  • 10. Nawal Al Zoghbi (June 29, 1971, Byblos, Lebanon) - Lebanese singer.

    Nawal Al Zoghbi famous Lebanese singer photo

  • 9. Lamitta Franjieh (November 15, 1980, Zgarta, Lebanon) - Lebanese model and actress. At the Miss World contest in 2005 entered the Top-12

    Lamitta Franjieh nice Lebanese model photo

  • 8. Amar Al Tahsh (May 27, 1986  in Tripoli, Lebanon) - Lebanese singer.

    Amar Al Tahsh beautiful Lebanese woman photo

  • 7. Mona Abou Hamze (October 2, 1968 g, Beirut, Lebanon) - Lebanese TV presenter.

    Mona Abou Hamze Lebanese TV presenter photo

  • 6. Maya Nasri (August 1, 1976 ) - Lebanese singer, musician and actress.

    Maya Nasri sexy Lebanese actress photo

  • 5. Valerie Abou Chacra (born 1992) is a Lebanese radio announcer, model and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Lebanon 2015. She participated in miss world 2015 and ended as a third runner up being the first lebanese to place in the top 5 of miss world.

    Valerie Abou Chacra Miss Lebanon 2015 photo

    4. Barbara Turbay (born 1993) - "Miss World Colombia 2012".

     Barbara Turbay most beautiful Lebanese girl photo

  • 3. Nadine Njeim (7 February 1984 in Lebanon) -Lebanese model, beauty queen, actress. "Miss Lebanon 2004-2005", "Miss Face of Peace 2004" and others. Her father-Lebanese and mother - Tunisian.

    Nadine Njeim Lebanese  beauty queen photo

  • 2. Salma Hayek (September 2, 1966 ) - Mexican-American actress. The daughter of an opera singer of Spanish origin and father of Lebanese origin. Salma is derived from the Arabic  «salima», which means "peace, security and health."

    Salma Hayek  Mexican-American actress of Lebanon roots photo

  • 1. Cyrine Abdel Nour (February 21, 1977 in Beirut ) - Lebanese singer, model and actress.

    Cyrine Abdel Nour Lebanese actress pictures

    Cyrine Abdel Nour Lebanese beauty photo

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