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British men are looking like diamonds in most women's eyes! This mysterious, secret, graceful, elegant, conservative and at the same time highly attractive and sexually appealing males have always captivated us women with a single word or glance. But what is there within these males that drives us so crazy?! To answer this question let us go over the main advantages that the British male population owns.

Perhaps the first characteristic features that makes a British distinguished in the crowd is his posture. It is elegant, self-confident and impressive. You can not but deeply admire a real British man's imposing appearance.

  1. However, the moment a British man utters a word you fall under the spell of his accent's charm. This is an indescribable and mythical fact but this accent greatly affects on any woman turning her eyes into googles! For checking this, you can watch a British man enter into a bar with plenty of women there and the moment he orders his drink, at least one or two women will approach him with the most stereotype question "Are you British". These women may not even notice when and how they decided to approach the man. This once more proves the great power a British accent has on American women.
  2. Who knows more about royalty than British men? Perhaps no one. Thanks to the monarchy of the country there are plenty of aristocrats within British population who know well everything concerning not only good manners but also behavior with women. A woman will always feel herself a princess by a British guy's side as the latter is a specialist in making women feel admired, desired and highly appreciated.
  3. Conservative nature is within perhaps the greatest part of the British population. This includes punctuality, too. And when dating with one be sure he will be standing there with a lovely bunch of flowers right at the predetermined time. British men love peaceful families, and if stability of relationships is a priority for you, go ahead and find your British man!
  4. The male British population is not impulsive on the whole. Accordingly, being with a British man you won't have to worry about his momentary loss of mood. They never get irritated by nothing. And if something bothers you feel free to speak about it with your British man. If he considers you important and precious for him, he will listen to you up to the end and try to help you. Yet, handsome British men never feel comfortable when people are speaking about their emotions, hence if you mean little to him he will undoubtedly politely "shut your mouth"! Do agree that this method can work in discovering what place you have in his life!

Nevertheless, undeniably all the above described advantages that British men own are highly significant, yet there are also major minuses that British women find difficult and sometimes impossible to handle. These are the following ones:

  1. Sarcasm
  2. Drinking and bargaining
  3. Moaning
  4. Enjoying others' misfortune
  5. Not being frank and sincere up to their souls
  6. Jealousy of success and wealth

Top-20 most handsome British men included known actors, musicians, models and sportsman.

  • 20. Oliver James (1 June 1980) - English musician, singer, songwriter and actor.

    handsome British men Oliver James - English musician, singer

  • 19. Edward «Ed» Westwick (27 June 1987) - British actor and musician.

    handsome British men Edward «Ed» Westwick, British actor and musician

  • 18. William Moseley (27 April 1987) - British actor.

    handsome British men William Moseley, British actor

  • 17. Colin Firth (10 September 1960) - British actor of theater, cinema and television.

    handsome British men Colin Firth, фBritish actor of theater, cinema

  • 16. Clive Owen (3 October 1964) - British actor of theater, cinema and television.

    handsome British men Clive Owen, British actor of theater, cinema

  • 15. Jason Statham (12 September 1967) - English actor.

    handsome British men Jason Statham -English actor

  • 14. Aaron Taylor-Johnson (13 June 1990) - English actor.

    handsome British men Aaron Taylor-Johnson, English actor

  • 13. Richard Armitage (22 August 1971) - English actor.

    handsome British men Richard Armitage

  • 12. David Beckham (2 May 1975) - English football player.

    handsome British men David Beckham, English football player

  • 11. Benjamin «Ben» Barnes (20 August 1981) - English actor.

    handsome British men Benjamin «Ben» Barnes,English actor

  • 10. Kit Harington (26 December 1986) - British actor of theater, cinema and television.

    handsome British men Kit Harington - British actor of theater

  • 9. Robert  Pattinson (13 May 1986) - British actor, male model.

    handsome British men Robert  Pattinson, British actor, male model

  • 8. Christian Bale (30 January 1974) - British film actor.

    handsome British men Christian Bale, British film actor

  • 7. Danny Schwarz (17 April 1986) - British male model and former DJ.

    handsome British men Danny Schwarz, British male model

  • 6. Harry  Judd (23 December 1985) - English musician, best known as the drummer of the British pop rock band McFly.

    handsome British men Harry  Judd, English musician

  • 5. William «Will» Kemp (29 June 1977) - English actor and dancer.

    handsome British men William «Will» Kemp, English actor and dancer

  • 4. Alexander Richard «Alex» Pettyfer (10 April 1990) - English actor.

    handsome British men Alexander Richard «Alex» Pettyfer, English actor

  • 3. David James Gandy (19 February 1980) - English male model.

    handsome British men david gandi English male model

  • 2. Jude Law (29 December 1972) - British film and theater actor.

    handsome British men Jude Law, British film and theater actor

  • 1. Henry Cavill (5 May 1983) - English actor.

    handsome British men Henry Cavill, English actor

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