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Irish men appearance is believed to be bright red hair, freckles and blue eyes. But in fact, that is just the stereotype. There are a few males with red hair in Ireland. But the guys with dark hair and a red beard are met very often in this country. Mostly, they have Harry Potter face features: narrow face, often elongated, hollow cheeks that often get blush.

Style and behavior of Irish men

Judging by the clothes, men in Ireland may be divided into 3 categories: knackers, fashionistas and ordinary guys.

  1. Knackers are met everywhere: they are guys from 14 to 24 who drink, smoke and make lawlessness on the streets. To come to a stranger and mimic him - a common thing. They look like not too bad: gray knitted sports pants, backpacks and sneakers.
  2. Fashionistas men: dressed up in cute coats, skinny trousers and have gel laid hairstyles.
  3. It is everything clear with ordinary guys - they do not try to stand out, they are everywhere.

Irish males in most cases look harsh, but at the same time, with a little bit cunning in their eyes, brutal but with a kind heart, strong but still gentle.

Also the main features of every Irish man can be called the straightforwardness, mystery, leadership qualities, the ability to perform feats for the sake of the beloved one, patriotism, a serious attitude to marriage.

National features of men in Ireland

This country managed to preserve spiritual values and not to forget the age-old moral norms. All Irish males are extremely polite and courteous, and greatly respect women. Therefore, there are not so common radical feminist looks that hit the whole Europe.

For any Irish man a family and his home are the main things in life. Due to respectful attitude toward women and kind quiet nature handsome Irish men are the ideal partner for life. They are practical, hardworking and caring. By the way, it is not accepted to share homework on "feminine" and "masculine" in Ireland. All Irish guys care about household, cook dinner, wash the dishes.

Irish males know how to have fun too. Festivities, celebrations are in the blood of this cheerful nation. On weekends men prefer go to pubs, restaurants where they can enjoy the real Irish whiskey and great ethnic music.

Guys in this country are very welcoming and hospitable people. They love beer and football. If you share their interests, you will find a lot of friends in the face of Irish men. In general, Irish males are open to dialogue and have excellent sense of humor. They like to get rest in public places, where there are talks and debates on the football theme and an atmosphere of friendliness and fun. Even after two  drunk pints of beer, they let to dance the Irish jig.

Irish guys are very talkative and at the same time balanced enough. They will not spoil the nerves on trifles their wives or others.

Irish men small disadvantages:

  1. They are not mandatory and are not punctual.
  2. They can perform the promise for a long time. If the Irish man said he would do something today, it could be tomorrow or even the day after.

Top-18 most beautiful Irish men includes well-known actors, musicians, singers and models who have Irish roots.

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  • 18. Danny O'Donoghue (3 October 1980) - Irish singer and composer, frontman of the rock band The Script.

    Handsome Irish Men Danny O'Donoghue Irish singer

  • 17. Derek Ryan - Irish country music singer.

    Handsome Irish Men Derek Ryan country singer

  • 16. Jonathan Rhys Meyers (27 July 1977) - Irish film actor.

    Handsome Irish Men Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Irish actor

  • 15. Harrison Ford (13 July 1942) - American actor and producer, Irish on the paternal side.

    Handsome Irish Men Harrison Ford - American actor

  • 14. Mark Feehily (28 May 1980) - Irish musician and former lead singer of Irish pop group Westlife.

    Handsome Irish Men - Mark Feehily, Irish misican

  • 13. Matthew McConaughey (4 November 1969) - American actor, screenwriter, director and producer.

    Handsome Irish Men - Matthew McConaughey, actor

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  • 12. Pierce Brosnan (16 May 1953) - Irish actor and producer.

    Handsome Irish Men - Pierce Brosnan, Irish Bond

  • 11. Stuart Townsend (15 December 1972) - Irish actor, screenwriter, director, producer.

    Handsome Irish Men Stuart Townsend, Irish actor

  • 10. Leo Delaney (31 January 1990)- Irish model, winner of the national title of "Mr. Ireland 2012".

    Handsome Irish Men Leo Delaney, Irish male model

  • 9. Clive Standen (born 22 July 1981) is a Northern Irish actor best known for playing Rollo in the History Channel TV series Vikings, Sir Gawain in the Starz series Camelot, Archer in the BBC TV series Robin Hood, and Private Carl Harris in the British sci-fi show Doctor Who.

    Clive Standen Northern Irish TV series actor photo

    8. Colin O'Donoghue (26 January 1981) - Irish actor of television, film and theater.

    Handsome Irish Men Colin O'Donoghue, Irish actor

  • 7. Mel Gibson (3 January 1956) - American-Australian actor, director, screenwriter and producer.

    Handsome Irish Men Mel Gibson

  • 6. Aidan Turner (19 June 1983) - Irish actor.

    Handsome Irish Men Aidan Turner, Irish actor 

  • 5. James "Jamie" Dornan (1 May 1982) - Irish actor, model and musician.

    Handsome Irish Men James Dornan, Irish actor and malr model

  • 4. George Clooney (6 May 1961) - American actor, director, producer and screenwriter.

    Handsome Irish Men - George Clooney  American actor

  • 3.  Tom Hardy (15 September 1977) - British film and theater actor, the Irishman on the maternal side.

    Handsome Irish Men Tom Hardy, British actor

  • 2. Bradley Cooper (5 January 1975) - American actor, Irish on the paternal side.

    Handsome Irish Men Bradley Cooper, American actor

  • 1. Colin Farrell (31 May 1976) - Irish film actor.

    Handsome Irish Men Colin Farrell Irish film actor

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