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Tolgahan Sayısman photo
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Results of voting:"The best actor of Turkey"

Tolgahan Sayışman is considered to be one of the most handsome men of our planet. He is a famous Turkish actor, who is in demand both in model business, and on TV.

The Biography

  • Tolgahan Sayışman was born in Istanbul on 17th of December, 1981. Journalists know not much about his family. The only thing they know is that his father is from Salonika, and mother is from Trabzon.
  • The future actor went to school and learned properly. He was really fond of different school subject.
  • The young man graduated Kadıköy İntaş High School, and than entered the Doğuş University at Department of Administration.
  • Tolgahan’s second job during studying at university was working as a model and participating in many famous brands’ model looks. His first award was given for his model’s work. In 2001 he got an award in the nomination The Model of the Future. The success inspired the handsome young man, and he decided to continue working at this sphere.
  • Tolgahan, being the model, became popular far abroad. It is remarkable that he was the first Turkish male models who took part at Haute Couture fashion show in Paris.
  • Further the young man continued his model career successfully. He was offered many proposals from Turkish and foreign companies, popular fashion houses.
  • In 2005 the charming young man got the prize Manhunt International, having won in male beauty contest.
  • Tolgahan Sayışman was constantly participating in fashion shows, represented designers’ new collections in different countries. It’s no wonder that producers and film industry employees gave him attention soon. The proposals to cast different TV-series were the result of such attention.

The Actor’s Career

After featuring films, Tolgahan became very popular actor in Turkey for a short period of time.

  • The first Sayışman’s work in movie was the role in “The Goal of My Life,” TV-series. The young man cast one episode only, but his acting abilities were revealed at once.  
  • Than “Acemi Cadı: Konuk Oyuncu” and “Maçolar” series’ producers offered him to feature their series.    
  • Tolgahan Sayışman’s popularity in cinema grew as much as his model business activity. The work took so much time in the young man’s life for he is always busy casting this or that series.   
  • But the handsome man won the real success after launching “Love in the Sky”, TV-novel. The actor played the vivid role of the main hero. The splendid young man’s appearance matched the role perfectly. The hero’s image was so bright that viewers beloved him at once.    
  • Tolgahan is not only the popular Turkish actor, he works as emcee and as model at fashion shows too. It is very important for the actor to be in demand, to feel TV viewers and fans’ love.
  • The last picture the celebrity has cast was the TV-novel “The Tulip Age”. The Turkish viewers will watch the film soon to get an eyeful on their favourite actor.   

Tolgahan Sayışman’s Private Life

At “Love in the Sky” shootings Tolgahan Sayışman got acquainted with the charming young actress Serenay Sarikaya. The young people played lovers, than the real love affair followed. The couple began going out together. Journalists watched the relations closely. But soon the love ended and the lovers came out of a relationship.  
It is interesting that the handsome actor’s new lover was related to the series "Love in the Sky" too. Selen Soyder replaced the previous main heroine’s executer and became Sayışman’s new partner. After a while mass media started publishing photos where the young people was shot together. These were romantic dates, the walks around the city, restaurants, vacation.
People started saying about the couple future marriage. This fact pleased Tolgahan and Selen’s fans. But according to the last information the actor’s heart is free again, for actor’s love affair is over in spite of their feeling are still strong. Tolgahan sympathized to his female partner at the series “The Tulip Age” but the beauty’s heart was not free.    

Tolgahan Sayışman’s Filmography

2006 – “Esir kalpler”, the first role in TV-series
2006 – “Maçolar”, series
2007-2009 – “Elveda Rumeli”, TV-novel
2007 – casting “Dicle”
2008 – “The Goal of My Life”, melodrama
2009 – “Love Happens”
2010-2011 – “Love in the Sky”, TV-novel
2010-2011 – “The Tulip Age”
2013 – “Sürgün”
2015 – “Mazlum Kuzey”, TV-picture.

Some Interesting Facts About the Actor

Tolgahan Sayışman finds spare time for his favourite leisure in spite of his dense business scheduler in cinema and shootings. It is known, that he attends his favourite football team “Fenerbahçe” matches and is its devoted fan.    
Recently the actor visited Romania and took part in TV-show concerned cinema and even won a prize as the Most Attractive Man of Turkey.
Tolgahan can do many things and limit himself in sake of his roles. To cast the picture “Bağ kur” the actor was needed to lose weight, the producer set him this task. So, the young man pursued the goal hardly and he could lose 10 kilos.

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