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Tardu Flordun is a Turkish actor who is famous in his native country and far abroad for his role in “1001 Gece,” TV-series.

The Biography

Good looker Tardu Flordun was born in Ankara on 25th of May, 1972. His acting career was shaped long before his birth for his father Macit Flordun was also a famous actor in Turkey. The continuity of generations is peculiar for families related to the cinema producing. So, children follow parents career way.

  • The boy was brought up in creative atmosphere. Besides, he was notable for pleasant, attractive appearance since childhood. He had expressive looks and this defined his life excessively.
  • The young man finished the school successfully and than decided to enter the university. This was certainly the faculty of acting art. The boy entered without any difficulties. He had always found lessons easy. Oddly to say, the attractive look presented the future star difficulties during student life for classmates pull a stunt on Tardu’s handsomeness.
  • The handle, gained in university – “Pretty-pretty Face” – made nervous the young man, who was serious about his acting career, dreamed to get maximum popularity and made efforts to do it. He tried to ignore his handle, continued giving application to study and tried to achieve his purpose. He graduated his favourite university with honors what spoke about his seriousness. Tardu didn’t rely upon popularity and authority of his father. He wanted to be independent.
  • The young man tried himself in secondary roles while studying at the university. His first experience was quite successful. Being a student, he had also played several roles in the theatre what turned to be an excellent test of his abilities and talent.
  • Tardu didn’t became a popular actor at once. He waited the glory for nearly ten years.

Tardu Flordun’s Acting Career

Flordun’s first serious role was in the TV-series “Davetsiz Misafir.” The film was made in 2005 and was well taken by viewers.
The next stage of his career was a role in “Aşk Oyunu” soap opera.
But the proposal to feature in smashing hit “1001 Gece” TV-series from producers was the most important for Tardu. The actor got a dramatic role, which helped him to display his talent, ability to express the strong feelings. Before Tardu played comedy roles mostly and sometimes executed the leading juvenile. That’s why the young man was very glad to get a new proposal. He had real stars of Turkey cinema as partners in this picture. They showed him fine lessons to be learned. The picture had been shot for three years. Tardu Flordun became very famous in many countries as a talented and perspective actor after it was launched.
The young man had bad situation during his life. He was accused of stabbing a woman and was sentenced to prison. The man regretted profoundly and looked back white. So, he was set free from the jail nearly a month later. Another failure was related with incorrect choice of the role. He got two proposals from producers and chose that one which brought him troubles and popularity level loss. Nevertheless, the actor hoped to get success and fortune back and once again became the most popular in Turkey.

Tardu Flordun’s Private Life

Tardu is a very clam person and journalists know almost nothing about his private life and love affairs with woman. It is quite natural that the actor has many female fans in and abroad his native country.
It is know to fans that the man had love affair with popular actress Canan Erguder in 2008. Many periodicals published articles about their story. The fans waited for the marriage.
Unfortunately, the couple broke up after five years of serious relationships. They told nothing about goings-on. Later on, the actor tried to hide from journalists and now secures his acquaintances carefully.
It is known only that he hasn’t married still. He lives alone and has no children. Though, in one of the interviews Tardu told that he dreams to make his own family and have children. He believes in his private happiness.

Tardu Flordun’s Filmography

1998 – “Leoparın Kuyruğu”
2000 – “Davetsiz Misafir”
2002 – “İki Oda Bir Sinan”
2005 – “Aşk Oyunu”
2006-2009 – “1001 Gece”
2007 – “Sis ve Gece,” “O Kadın”
2007 – “Mükemmel Çift”
2010 – “Mükemmel Çift”
2011 – “Behzat Ç.: Seni Kalbime Gömdüm,” “Türkan”
2012 – “Son Yaz-Balkanlar 1912”
2014 – “Silsile”

Some Interesting Facts about Tardu

Tardu narrated about his hero and his relationships with main heroines during shootings in “1001 Gece” TV-series in one of his interviews. The young man confessed it possible to forgive the lover until a certain limit. It is just inexcusable to turn a blind eye to lover’s vices and his or her bad relation for you. It is abnormal, for a man must know the person whom he is going to cast in lot with, whom he is going to live with in future.
In general, a little information is known about Tardu Flordun’s life. He is one of the most clam Turkish stars.

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