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Results of voting:"The best actor of Turkey"

Erkan Petekkaya is accomplished, demanded Turkish actor who played many memorable roles.


Erkan Petekkaya was born in a small German town Çermik in December 1972. The future star lived a little in his hometown, because the family moved to the capital after his birth. Parents are expected to find a more gainful employment in the big city, to give children a good education. The boy attended school and did not particularly different from his peers, except of good looking and strong character. Erkan entered Anatolian State Academy after the high school. He chose the drama department as a felt the acting skills in himself. During the studies, the young man diligently attended all the lectures and workshops, which were focused on his future profession.

As a student, the young man was invited for the shooting of the film «Alman Avratin Bacisi». The role was successful, and it convinced Petekkaya of the correctness of the chosen by him path.

In 1993 he graduated from Anatolian Conservatory. He immediately found a good job at the Istanbul State Theater. Playing on the stage was an excellent school for the young actor, he gladly was given to a favorite work that helped him to develop and improve his acting skills.

Simultaneously with the theater, Erkan also worked on television. But he had to be patient before the fame and popularity came into his life. Only in 1998 the actor was offered the role in the film called "Clear Days". He was able to convey skillfully the features and character of his hero. He also was liked by the Turkish audience and gain valuable work experience on a film set. But the real fame came to Petekkaya only in ten years.

Acting career of Erkan Petekkaya

It should be noted that Erkan`s acting career did not develop as rapidly as in other stars. The famous actor, graduated from the drama department of the state conservatory, had to wait for years for his roles and glory. The first roles of Petekkaya were successful, but they gave him only the experience and skills. He was warmly welcomed by the audience watching his acting in the movie "Clear Days", which gave more confidence to the young man.

Starry fame came to Erkan after the release of the series “The Last Hope”. Now the actor has been recognized not only by the audience but also be the critics. The film was shown abroad, where acting skills, charm and charisma of Petekkaya were also rated.

In the future, each new role has caused excitement among the audience, even if Erkan played a negative character. For example, his character in the series "Precious Time" had not positive character traits and good deeds, but the actor was able to create a vivid and memorable image. Before started filming Petekkaya very worried and doubted that his fans will not enjoy his new role, but, as it turned out, the talented acting may not get unevaluated. The film brought actor prestigious awards and fame.

In general, the actor was lucky enough to play in fifteen films, but he believes that this is just the beginning, and there are a lot of interesting and prominent roles in front of him.

The personal life of Erkan Petekkaya    

Actor Erkan Petekkaya can be called a lucky man. He had been waited for a long time for his stellar glory, but now he is a popular celebrity, and a happy family man. The man is married to a beauty Didem, which supports her husband in his work, and creates a cozy homely atmosphere and comfort for him. Together with the charming and beloved wife Erkan is raising a son Jan.

Filmography of Erkan Petekkaya

1990 - «Alman Avratin Bacisi».
1998 – TV series "Clear Days".
2003 - TV series "Rogue".
2005 - TV series "Dog".
2005-2007 years - the TV series "The Princess of Cotton Fields".
2007-2008 years - the film "The Quiet Storm".
2008 - TV series "The Last Hope".
2009 - motion picture "The Wings of The Night".
2010-2013 years – TV serials "The Precious Time".
2012 – TV series "Ms. Gil".
2014 - TV series "The Shards".

Interesting facts about the actor

Erkan is opened for journalists, answers friendly to their questions, and sometimes even invite them for an interview at his home. In one of the interviews with the press actor said a lot of interesting things about himself. It turns out that in his youth Erkan tried on himself a lot of different professions including the Stallman and the seller in the market.

Also, he had to work as a bartender and horticulturist at the same time to support himself financially. Erkan Petekkaya had to lose weight significantly for shootings in the TV series "The Shards" but then he was pleased with his toned and slender body. One of the family vacations, before the filming in this series, Petekkaya held in Africa. But the actor did not like African cuisine and this helped him to lose the necessary weight.

Erkan Petekkaya recently has received the award as the best actor in the Middle East. And he is very proud of it. He had to go to Beirut for the award, and the man took a beloved family with him.

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