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Results of voting:"The best actress of Turkey"

Elсin Sangu is a charming and young actress, who is a decoration of Turkish cinema world.


The Biography

    1. Beautiful Elсin was born on 13 of August, 1985. The family of future celebrity lived in Izmir at the moment of her birth. Elсin has Caucasian roots for her antecedents came from ancient Cherkessia.
    2. Her parents noticed the girl’s interest for art since the first years of her live. Elçin was always glad to go to the Opera theatre and listened to complicated opera parties seriously. After a while, this love turned into the dream to become an actress.


    1. Elçin learned at school good and obtained a proper education. She entered the Mersin Theatre Conservatory.
    2. The beautiful girl began searching for a job after obtaining a diploma. She moved into the capital Istanbul, where she began getting roles in theatre performances some time later. This stage in her life was a good training for her acting profession.


  1. Later on, the future cinema actress decided to continue her education and entered the Yeditepe University. Elçin attended the lectures at the faculty of visual arts with great deal of pleasure.
  2. The girl’s unusual beauty attracted the attention of her classmates and other people. The cinema studios’ agents noticed the girl and offered her an interesting role. That was Sangu’s way to "Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman ki" film’s shooting stage.



The Acting Career

    • The girl excited much working on camera for the first time. Nevertheless, her debut in the "Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman ki" picture was very successful. This inspired the beginning actress and made her more confident.
    • The complicity of her first role was in task that Elçin got. She had to create vivid and memorable image of baddie. The girl managed the task easily in spite of the experience absence. That is why the film directors began offering her work in other pictures.


    • In 2014 the excellent Turkish TV-series “Kurt Seyit ve Sura” was shot. Sangu got the leading role there. This role turned into the next successful stage in acting career.
    • Than the shooting in “Sevdam Alabora” project took place. The series was shot very quickly but it gave the actress the priceless experience. The girl had to learn riding a horse in order to cast in series. This skill is very important for actors, who want to become universal and demanded.

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elcin-sangu serial

  • Playing a heroine in “Rental Love” novel was one of her last roles. The actress managed to express the character, beloved by viewers.

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The Filmography

2010 – "Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman ki"
2013 – “Bir Ask Hikayesi”
2014 – “Kurt Seyit ve Sura”
2015 – “Sevdam Alabora”, “Rental Love”


Some Interesting Facts

    • Now Elсin Sangu sees herself in other profession in spite of the fact that she dreamed about acting since childhood. In one of the interviews the girl said that she could became a doctor.


  • She revealed an interest for pharmaceutical journals and books as a support for her words.
  • The beginning actress is fond of fashion world too. She likes beautiful clothes and tries to create memorable and stylish looks. She often attends fashion shows in different European cities.
  • Little is known about the actress’ private life. All that journalists know is that now Elçin lives with beautiful Turkish actor Yunus Ozdiken.



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