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Results of voting:"The best actor of Turkey"

Baris Arduc is a talented and a very young Turkish actor, whose future in cinema world critics consider to be sparkling.  

The Biography

Barıs Arduc was born on 9 October 1987 in Scherzingen, Switzerland, as the middle child of real estate agents Gülay and Erol Arduc. He has one older brother, Onur, and one younger brother Mert. At the age of 8 he permanently moved to Turkey with his family. The future celebrity’s family had enough money to provide the boy a good education. In his turn, the boy finished the school with excellent marks and began thinking about choosing a profession in which he could achieve great success. Barış was fond of sport and decided to devote him to this sphere. He entered the Academy of Sports after the school. Unfortunately, the future actor didn’t graduate the academy for he had been dismissed after the first year of studying.    

Entering a conservatory was the next step in his education. The young man was interested in arts, and he could obtain acting abilities lessons at the conservatory.  

Barıs Arduc studied English language hard and now he speaks it fluently. He went on sports. He plays football, swims and dives, if to be more exact. The young man tried his abilities on a shooting stage after graduating conservatory. The role in TV-series was his first work.       

The Acting Career

  1. The young man has an attractive appearance and excellent acting abilities. That’s the reason why Barış  managed to obtain one of the roles in TV-series “Dashing Yedi” right after getting a diploma.  
  2. The successful debut put the splendid beginning to the actor’s career. Film directors and agents began offering the handsome man other roles. Many projects with Arduç featuring became a noticeable affair in the cinema world. The beginning actor was offered leading roles in spite of experience absence.
  3. The ability to express emotions both by words, look and mimics differs the actor from many others. The silence that keeps the actor often seems to talk. This is a specialty of the actor that attracts many fans to him.   
  4. The role in TV-series “Ranted Love” is one of his last works. The cinema is a comedy drama. The TV-series was translated both in Turkey and abroad. This enlarged the quantity of the handsome young man’s fans.  
  5. Baris Arduc attracts the attention by handsome appearance and excellent slim figure. Though many cinema critics see in it a large acting reserve.

The Private Life

The young actor doesn’t hurry to speak to journalists about his private life and prefers to keep his love affairs in secret. Nevertheless, the actor’s fans and mass media got known about his close relationships with the actress Gyupse Ozay.  The young people have been going to dating for nearly a year. They spend their vacation together and attends tea parties.    

The Filmography

2011 – “Dashing Yedi”, “Destroyer”, “Küçük sırlar”, “Küçük Hanım”
2012 – “Dada Dandinista”, “Sadece Sen”
2013 – “Bugünün Saraylisi”
2014 – “Only you”, “Deliha”
2015 – “Racon”, “Rented Love”
2015–2017 - "Kiralik Ask"
2017  -  "Mutluluk Zamani"
2019  -  "Kuzgun"
2020  -  "Cukur"

Some Interesting Facts

The actor is busy in shooting in many successful projects and he finds the time to go in for sports. Barris Arduc is fond of swimming, diving and football.

He took a class if martial arts in San Diego, California In 2017.

The young man prefers to get joy from today and doesn’t like to make plans for tomorrow. The main task that he pursues is to achieve great results in actor’s profession.

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