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Ibrahim Celikkol was born on the day of all lovers - February 14, 1982, in Izmit (Turkey).

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The actor lost his father when he was 18 years old. He also has a sister. The guy could not even dream about the career of the film actor: he had the glory as the top model, because in his youth he was shining on the catwalks and was a favorite model of many designers with a world-wide reputation.

In addition, Ibrahim was fond of sports games. In particular, basketball was his passion - the future actor even participated in the Junior National League in this sport. Successful filming career in the life of the actor burst unexpectedly.

Actor's career

In 2009, a life of this handsome Turk suddenly changed, when a fateful meeting took place: he met film director Osman Sinav, who invited this prominent man to try his hand at acting. He offered him the role of Captain Shamil Baturaya in the movie "Pars: Narkoterör". This film also marked the beginning of his amazing acting career. Since 2009, Celikkol began to appear in other serials as well.

Since then, his successful career rapidly began to develop: the first film, in which Ibrahim played, brought glory to the sultry macho. Next was the grandiose role of Dzhemal in the series "Iffet". Exactly thanks to the role of the taxi driver Dzhemal, Ibrahim became famous in his homeland and behind its chapels.

Then this talanted actor performed an episodic role in the cult "Fetih 1453" (historical drama about the conquest of Constantinople by Sultan Mehmed II), which promises to be the most expensive film in the history of Turkish cinema. But now Chelikkol is busy on the filming of the series "Merhamet". This series became extremely popular in the homeland of this actor.

Personal life

On the cinema horizon appeared a new hero - Ibrahim Cellikol. About this eastern handsome man goes around bad news - media sources say that Ibrahim smashes women's hearts as easily as glasses in Turkish weddings. Chelikkola demonstrates stormy personal life, which fans of the actor watch both day and night. And so Ibrahim Chelikkol without a twinge of conscience cheated on his girlfriend Denis Chakyr, with whom he was dated for two years and was going to marry her, with one of his colleagues in the film.

It seems that at that time the popular actor seriously decided to end his bachelor life. At least, all Turkish publications reported this. Journalists have written that in the foreseeable future Ibrahim Celikkol's wedding is planned. With the potential spouse Sinem Kobal he met on the set of the series "Merhamet", when they played roles of Firat and Narin. Then no one could have foreseen that the script of the film would almost completely correspond to the real life of these actors, and they would fall in love with each other with terrible force. And they will not even be stopped by the fact that both had long-lasting relationship at that time. But recently the couple broke up, and it is stated that Ibrahim returned to Denis. But Ibrahim does not intend to answer questions. And Denis admitted to her friends that they did not swear at all and continue to communicate until now, but they are not dating.


The personal life of the actor is not the only thing that interests the newly-born fans of this Turkish guy. They are eager to know everything that is in the circle of interests of this "Ottoman". But little is known about Ibrahim. There are accurate data that Chelikkol began his career as a model, and then traded the podium for a stage role. Photos of the actor are mostly chaste and reserved. But even in the usual foreshortening and with the most charged smile, this man looks very manly and attractive. He has an excellent body shape, tightened abs and a prickly appearance that makes even the most sophisticated coquette bloom. That's why this eastern boy is increasingly invited to appear in Turkish films - he has the perfect super-macho type, which will make everyone smiling to the TV screens and make a huge income even of the budget TV series made in the homeland of Ataturk.

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