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The winter has come, and this is the time of the cold and low temperatures, which is the best period for wearing rich, “warming” aromas. So what kind of perfume should you better use in winter?

Why do perfumers always recommend men and women paying their attention to special, very warm flavors in winter? Everything can be explained quite rationally. In cold weather, the skin becomes drier. As a result, the fragrance cannot open as actively as in summer. Thus, professionals recommend applying perfume after using the cream which you usually use. In addition, cold air circulates more slowly than the warm air, and our sense of smell is not as sharp as in the warm seasons like summer and late spring. Light perfume disappears faster when the air temperature is low; it needs to be applied more often.

As a rule, expressive oriental, amber, musky, spicy and woody aromas reveal and sound better in winter.

Pay much more attention to complex compositions with warm notes. The warmth is probably the main characteristic of a successful winter perfume. Vanilla, honey, caramel, chocolate, coffee, amber, oriental spices (cardamom, cloves, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg) can bring it. , Some woody notes (cedar, sandalwood, cashmere wood) have the same effect. ⠀

Besides it, flower-powder compositions add some luxuriantly sound to the perfume. Pick an aroma with notes of rose, jasmine, violet, lotus, tuberose, patchouli, and exotic ylang-ylang. ⠀

When you miss summer during winter, fruit and berry compositions will suit you. These fruits and berries with their warming sweetness are a good winter choice. It can be peach, apricot, raspberry, cherry, black currant, etc. ⠀

Experienced and skilled perfumers often refresh thick winter perfumes with citrus notes. They are associated with Christmas and New Year holidays, and they affect your mood positively.

Here are general recommendations for the selection of winter perfume. So what flavors will sound better in winter, how can you pick them? To help you, we have selected and prepared for you the Top 10 best winter aromas.

10. Attar Collection Hayati 

Attar Collection Hayati photo


9. Keiko Mecheri Iris Poupre 

Top 10 Best Winter Aromas 

8. Amouage Journey 

Amouage Journey  Best Winter Aromas 

7. Kilian Back to Black 

Kilian Back to Black Top Best Winter Aromas 

6. Montale Intense Cafe 

 Montale Intense Cafe Top Nice Winter Aromas

5. Kilian Black Phantom

Kilian Black Phantom  Best selective Aromas 

4. Moresque Diadema 

 Moresque Diadema best selective perfume

3. Serge Lutens Daim Blond 

Serge Lutens Daim Blond Best Winter Aromas 

2. M.Micaleff Ylang in Gold

M.Micaleff Ylang in Gold nice Winter Aromas 

1. Amouage Memoir 

Amouage Memoir Top 10 Best Winter Aromas

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