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Slovenian women are very attractive. According to recent reports, they are also the highest in the Balkans - average height of 167сm (5 feet, 6 inches). Most women here are brunettes, but you can find more natural blondes in Slovenia than in other countries of the Balkans. Slovenians are the most northern Slavic group in the Balkans, so there is little of the italian and austro-hungarian influence in their blood. Despite the tiny size of the country, people here can speak in different dialects. Slovenians are the most european of Slavs.There is huge mix of the Balkan peoples - Serbs, Croats, Bosnians, Montenegrins, Macedonians, who apparently also differ among themselves. Indigenous Slovenians are blond. They are typical North Europeans, but their neighbors the Croats, Serbs and Montenegrins are tall, long-haired with dark skin. Some of them came here recently, fleeing the horrors of the recent Balkan wars. That's turned out in Slovenia unusual mixture of peoples, which is now clearly expressed on the exterior and beauty of Slovenian women.

Slovenian women are distinguished by commitment and independence. They certainly know one of three languages of English, German or Italian. Girls here have something similar to their neighbors, the Austrians - they are also rational and a little closed. They do not like to have fun, so openly as neighbors in the former socialist countries - Serbs and Montenegrins. Females are a bit conservative, they respect family and clearly divide life on personal and social. The average Slovenian women are energetic, educated, have a wonderful sense of humor. These girls are more independent and practical than men. 90 percent of women work. Recently, at the first place for slovenian girls is their career. They know several foreign languages, driving cars. These women dress with a light fraction of negligence, do not always use cosmetics. But this is their natural style and charm.

  • 8. Sanja Grohar (February 7, 1984) - Slovenian model, Miss Slovenia World 2005.

    Beautiful Slovenian Women. Sanja Grohar Slovenian model photo

  • 7. Katarina Čas (September 23, 1976) - Slovenian actress and TV host.

    Beautiful Slovenian Women. Katarina Čas Slovenian actress. photo

  • 6. Maja Cotic (23 January, 1989) - Miss Slovenia World 2013.

    Beautiful Slovenian Women. Maja Cotic Miss Slovenia World 2013. photo

  • 5. Iris Kavka (1992) -  Slovenian model.

    Beautiful Slovenian Women. Iris Kavka Slovenian model. photo

  • 4. Tadeja Ternar (1987, Beltinci) - Slovenian model, Miss Slovenia 2007.

    Beautiful Slovenian Women. Tadeja Ternar Slovenian model, Miss Slovenia 2007. photo

  • 3. Ziva Vadnov (1982) - Miss Slovenia 2004.

    Beautiful Slovenian Women. Živa Vadnov Miss Slovenia 2004

  • 2. Tina Maze (2 May 1983) - famous Slovenian World Cup alpine ski racer.

    Beautiful Slovenian Women. Tina Maze Slovenian ski racer and Olympic champion. photo

  • 1. Sandra Marinovic (1989, Slovenia) - Slovenian model, Miss Slovenia 2010.

    Beautiful Slovenian Women. Sandra Marinovic beautiful Slovenian girl. photo Beautiful Slovenian Women. Sandra Marinovic Miss Slovenia 2010 photo

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