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Serbian women are famous by their attractive female beauty, sexuality, emotionally. Perhaps, their appearance not always answers strict canons of elegance, but it such bright, expressive, unique. Beautiful Serbian women often represented his country at various beauty contests, including many spectacular models. This indicates that the appearance of Serbian women do not leave anyone indifferent, it is striking and leaves many bright impressions.

Features of appearance of women from Serbia

Serbia is the country with rough, often tragic story, it was necessary to endure many difficult periods. Perhaps therefore residents of the country are able to appreciate life, differ in emotional and sensual nature. Serbians are cheerful, are able to have strong feelings and fearlessly express them. And their appearance is also filled with expressiveness and a charm, and job specifications courageous and festive even in regular day.

Beautiful Serbian women look magnificently, at the same time they are precisely confident in the irresistibility and are able to use it. Most of the women have dark hair color and an eye, swarthy skin. But also it is possible to meet a marvelous combination of dark hair and snow-white skin that looks aristocratically. Features are accurate and expressive, they perfectly look both with cosmetics, and without it. Both young girls, and women in age try to show all best lines of the appearance.

Serbian women have the beautiful figure differing in womanly, soft forms. The smooth curves of the girl's figure attracted the attention of men, true connoisseurs of female beauty. In order to look attractive and sexy Serbian women do not need to torture yourself strict diet, expensive and often painful cosmetic procedures, plastic surgery. They are magnificent without it, their beauty is natural. In many respects beautiful Serbians are similar to the picturesque nature of the edge: they are the same blooming, bright, solar. The only drawback, their beauty is short-lived, if the woman doesn't look carefully after herself, doesn't eat properly, doesn't use good cosmetics, after 30 her beauty begins to wither. Most magnificently Serbian women look at early age.

In many respects effective appearance of the Serbian women is explained by features of history of the people in which so much blood are added. It is possible to note how beautifully in persons of many girls the European and Asian lines are combined. The same combination is characteristic also of behavior, nature. Courageous and independent, modern Serbian women adopt the European manner of behavior, cultural values more and more.

Top 11 Most beautiful Serbian women and girls includes famous actress, model and winner of beauty pageants of Serbian descent and living in Serbia or abroad.

  • 11. Natasha Petroviс (born 31 August 1988) - Macedonian actress of Serbian descent.

    Natasha Petroviс actress of Serbian descent photo

  • 10. Bojana Panic (born in Yugoslavia, May 24, 1985) - fashion model and an actress. Bojana started her international career in Milan after being discovered by the Names Agency.

    Bojana Panic Beautiful Serbian women

  • 9. Sonja Kolacaric (born 4 May 1980) is a Serbian actress. She is known for her roles in films such as Nebeska udica and Charleston & Vendetta.

    Sonja Kolacaric Serbian actress photo

  • 8. Aleksandra Vukovic (born August 29, 1983, Belgrad) - Serbian model, Elite model look inernational 1999 1st runner up.

    Beautiful Serbian women Aleksandra Vukovic Serbian model photo

  • 7. Bojana Novakovic (born 17 November 1981) is a Australian actress of Serbian descent. See also: The most beautiful Australian women

    Beautiful Serbian women Bojana Novakovic beautiful Serbian girl photo

  • 6. Olya Ivanisevic (born April 28, 1988) is a Serbian model, one of the famous Serbian women.

    Beautiful Serbian women Olya Ivanisevic  cute sexy Serbian model photo

  • 5. Sanja Papic (born 25 June 1984 in Novi Sad, Serbia, SFR Yugoslavia) is a Serbian model and beauty pageant titleholder who represented Serbia and Montenegro at Miss Universe 2003 where she placed 3rd Runner-Up and Miss Europe 2003 where she placed 2nd Runner-Up.

    Miss Serbia Sanja Papic photo

  • 4. Barbara Tatalovic (born April 23, 1996) is a Serbian model, Winner of Elite Model Look Serbia 2011. Barbara is one of the most pretty serbian women among Serbian models.

    Beautiful Serbian women Barbara Tatalovic Elite Model Look Serbia 2011 pictures

  • 3. Nina Jankovic (born April 20, 1988) is a Serbian actress, who appeared in the movie Montevideo: Taste of a Dream in 2010. Since then she has starred in multiple television shows in Serbia.

    Nina Jankovic hot Serbian actress photo

  • 2. Stana Katic ( born April 26, 1978) is a Canadian-American  film and television actress of Serbian descent. She plays Detective Kate Beckett on the ABC series Castle.

    Stana Katic nice serbian girl photo

  • 1. Ana Ivanovic (November 6, 1987) is a Serbian tennis player ranked No. 1 in the world in 2008. In 2005 she has won her first title in the WTA, has completed the following year in the top of twenty women's tennis rankings. In 2007, Serb won three tournaments and reached second palce of the French Open. Well, 2008 was the most successful year in her tennis career. Ana became a champion of Roland Garros. Ivanovic became the first player in the world. But she is not only Serbian athlete. She is among the prettiest serbian women. Ana Ivanovic is considered to be a sex symbol, not just in tennis, but all of professional sports. See also: The most beautiful female athletes of the world ( top female athletes)

    Ana Ivanovic  women, pictures Serbian women

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