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In world literature there was a great number of characters of women-heroines, that fell back in the soul of reader.
A very important and outstanding role gives oneself up a woman in literature: she is the article of admiration,
source of inspiration, desired dream and personification elevated in the world.
On how many the heroine of literary work will stay too long in memory of reader, straight related to her appearance, character and acts. A literary heroine, as well as in life, must be all-sufficient, pretty, patient, purposeful, with sense of humour and, undoubtedly, wise.
Our web-site of decided to make Top-15 of the most beautiful literary heroines. On some photos there are the known actresses or models that was not taken off in the roles of the presented literary heroines, but, our look, very befit on these roles. Literary heroines are here presented from the books of authors of world literature of  England, France, Australia, America, Turkey and Russia.

15. Karla Saaranen ("Shantaram", Gregory David Roberts)

Karla Saaranen Shantaram photo

14. Teresa "Tess" Durbeyfield ("Tess of the D'Urbervilles", Thomas Hardy)

Tess Durbeyfield most beautiful liturature heroine photo

13. Princess Elena "Hélène" Vasilyevna Kuragina ("War and Peace", Leo Tolstoy)

Elena Kuragina of War and Peace photo

12. Becky Sharp ("Vanity Fair", William Thackeray)

Becky Sharp of Vanity Fair photo

11. Meggie Cleary ("The Thorn Birds", Colleen McCullough)

Beauty heroine Meggie Cleary of The Thorn Birds pictures

10. Tatyana Larina ("Eugene Onegin", A.S.Pushkin)

Nice literature heroine Tatyana Larina of Eugene Onegin picture

9. Lara ("Doctor Zhivago", Boris Pasternak)

Beauty heroine Lara of Doctor Zhivago photo

8. Christine Daae ("The Phantom of the Opera", Gaston Leroux)

Yanger literature heroine Christine Daae pictures

7. Esmeralda ("Notre-Dame de Paris", Victor Hugo)

the most beautiful literary heroine Esmeralda photo

6. Mercedes Mondego ("The Count of Monte Cristo", Alexandre Dumas)

the most beautiful literary heroine Mersedes pictures

5. Carmen ("Carmen", Prosper Merimee)

Beauty heroine Carmen photo

4. Irene Forsyte ("The Forsyte Saga", John Galsworthy)

Irene Forsyte nace woman of book photo

3. Scarlett O'Hara ("Gone with the Wind", Margaret Mitchell)

Beauty girl Scarlett O'Hara photo

2. Feride ("Сalıkusu", Resat Nuri Guntekin)

Beautiful heroine of book Feride photo

1. Angelique ("Angelique", Anne and Serge Golon)

sexy heroine Angelique photo

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