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65th edition of the Miss World-2015 pageant to be held on 19 December 2015 at the Crown of Beauty Theatre in Sanya, China. Rolene Strauss of South Africa will crown her successor at the end of the event.

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Continuing the tradition of site: to identify the most beautiful contestant in the beauty contests, we present the Most Beautiful Contestants Miss World 2015, in our opinion, the contestants of the upcoming beauty contest "Miss World 2015" in China.

Miss World 2015 Winner Mireia Lalaguna

21. Miss Gabon-2015 - Reine Ngotala

Miss Gabon-2015 Reine Ngotala photo

20. Miss Chilie-2015 - Fernanda Sobarzo

Fernanda Sobarzo Miss Chilie-2015 photo

19. Miss-Honduras-2015 - Gabriela Salazar

Gabriela Salazar Miss-Honduras-2015 photo

18. Miss Czech Republic-2015 - Andrea Kalousova

Andrea Kalousova Miss Czech Republic-2015 photo

17. Miss Israel-2015 - Maayan Keren

Maayan Keren Miss Israel-2015 photo

16. Miss Colombia-2015 - Maria Alejandra Lopez

Maria Alejandra Lopez Miss Colombia-2015 photo

15. Miss Ecuador-2015 - Camila Maranon

Camila Maranon Miss Ecuador-2015 photo

14. Miss England-2015 - Natasha Hemmings

Natasha Hemmings Miss England-2015 photo

13. Miss Ukraine-2015 - Khrystyna Stoloka

Miss Ukraine-2015 Khrystyna Stoloka photo

12. Miss Russia-2015 - Sofia Nikitchuk

Miss Russia-2015 Sofia Nikitchuk photo

11. Miss Kazakhstan-2015 - Regina Vandysheva

Miss Kazakhstan-2015 Regina Vandysheva photo

10. Miss Vietnam-2015 - Tra Ngoc Lan Khue

Tra Ngoc Lan Khue Miss Vietnam-2015 photo

9. Miss Philippines-2015 - Hillarie Parungao

Hillarie Parungao Miss Philippines-2015 photo

8. Miss Northern Ireland-2015 - Leanne McDowell

Leanne McDowell Miss Northern Ireland-2015 photo

7. Miss France-2015 - Hinarere Taputu

Hinarere Taputu Miss France-2015 photo

6. Miss Sweden-2015 - Natalia Fogelund

Natalia Fogelund Miss Sweden-2015 photo

5. Miss Ireland-2015 - Sacha Livingstone

Sacha Livingstone Miss Ireland-2015 photo

4. Miss Hungary-2015 - Daniella Kiss

Daniella Kiss Miss Hungary-2015 photo

3. Miss Portugal-2015 - Rafaela Pardete

Miss Portugal-2015 Rafaela Pardete photo

2. Miss Brazil-2015 - Catharina Choi Nunes

Miss Brazil-2015 Catharina Choi Nunes photo

Beautiful sexy Contestants Miss World 2015 photo

1. Miss Mexico-2015 - Yamelin Ramirez

Most Beautiful Contestants Miss World 2015 Yamelin Ramirez photo

Miss Mexico-2015 Yamelin Ramirez photo

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