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Saudi Arabia women are often perceived as east princesses from magnificent palaces, their life is closed and full of secrets. And only the few photos in glossy magazines can show, how beautiful are Saudi women. Their appearance, typical of oriental women, admired and raises questions: how do live such a beauty, how do they take care for themselves, whether they follow fashion?

Features of appearance of Saudi Arabia women

By invariable traditions and rules of this Arab country, the woman of Saudi Arabia hide the appearance from public eyes, only parents (in the childhood) or the husband can admire their beauty (after a marriage). Like other residents of the country, beautiful women wearing traditional Saudi robes (Abaya) completely covers the body. Covered head even beautiful women, girls and women can be left open only the eyes. These rules are taught to girls from childhood and in adulthood they are not experiencing particular problems with the outfit. But under Abaya can hide a variety of outfits: simple and inexpensive, luxurious and spectacular. It is interesting that the traditional clothes covering all a body are worn not only by wives of sheikhs and the housewife who spend most of time at home. In these clothes in Saudi Arabia women of different professions and occupations go to work, to business meetings. Every year in the country grows the number of business ladies who also did not change the traditions of dress.

Exotic beautiful Saudi Arabia women have appearance which main lines are characteristic also of other female residents of east countries. They have dark long hair. They differ in beautiful silky gloss. Eyes are also dark, brown or green, have characteristic east section, is frequent they very big and just bewitch by the look. Figures of the Saudi Arabia women also have features. They are very womanly, graceful, have rounded shapes. Many women attract men's attention beautiful shape of the bust and hips, but, unfortunately, the dark dense fabric Abaya often hide feminine charms. In youth women of Saudi Arabia are slender and graceful, but rarely in adulthood one of them retains the harmony. These are the features of Arab women physique.

You can see how can be pretty attractive Saudi Arabia women in the photographs of the eastern actresses and most famous beauties of the country. Such a case should be used, because most of the eastern princess hidden under a dark and dense veil.

Abaya color is only black, any options of others isn't allowed, sometimes the attire is only decorated with an embroidery or can have interesting design of sleeves. But such a strict dress makes a woman a real mystery for men.

Top-12 Most Beautiful Saudi Arabian Women

12. Dina Shihabi /دينا شهابي‎‎ (born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) is a Saudi Arabian actress working in the United States.

Dina Shihabi Saudi Arabian actress photo

11. Wardah Khan (born 1989) is a British model, she was born to a Kashmiri mother and a Saudi father. Wardah featured in the FHM magazine’s April 2012 edition as ‘girl next door’, and has also appeared in a Rahat Fateh Ali Khan music video. See also: Beautiful Indian Actresses Top-25

Wardah Khan British model of Saudi Arabian desent picture

10. Lojain Omran (born 1982 Khobar, Saudi Arabia) is a Saudi Arabian TV host, brands ambassador goodwill ambassador.

Lojain Omran beautiful Saudi Arabian TV host photo

9. Aseel Omran / أسيل عمران‎‎ (born November 12, 1989 Khobar, Saudi Arabia)  is a Saudi Arabian singer who rose to fame not only in Saudi Arabia but also in other countries in the Middle East when she entered the reality show Gulf Stars and Heya wa Huwa, which means Her and Him. She has signed onto Rotana, the Arab World's largest record label. She is the sister of Media Presenter Lojain Omran. Aseel’s young age and baby-face made her the first youth star in Saudi Arabia.

Aseel Omran beautiful Saudi Arabian singer photo

8. Waed / Hanan Baker Younis /  حنان بكر يونس   (born 9 August 1976) is a Saudi singer and entertainer in the Middle East. She is widely known by her stage name, Waed, which means promise in Arabic. She was born to Saudi father and a mother is of Iraqi descent. See also: Top-17 Beautiful Arab Female Singers

Waed Saudi singer  in the Middle East pic

7. Reem Abdullah / ريم عبد الله (born February 20, 1987 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) is a Saudi Arabian actress. She worked in the 2007 series Tash Ma Tash and received excellent reviews. In 2012, she was invited to act in the film Wadjda, which received critical acclaim.

Reem Abdullah Saudi Arabian actress photo

6. Heba Jamal / هبة جمال (born 1990) is a Saudi Arabian journalist and TV host.  She was named as one of Arabian Business's most powerful Arab women in 2012. Saudi presenter Heba Jamal entered the 2011 list of the 100 most influential Arab women. Heba Jamal ranked 40th among businesswomen, economists, journalists, and women in various professions that influence the business arena in the Arab world and the Middle East. She is the only Saudi women working in media and is the youngest of the women.

Heba Jamal Saudi Arabian journalist and TV host photo

5. Nadine Al-Budair / نادين آل بدير (born 1989) is a Saudi TV Host on the Saudi Arabian news channel.

Nadine Al-Budair most beautiful Saudi TV Host picture

4. Suha Nowailaty / سها نويلاتي (born 1992 г) is a Saudi TV Presenter MBC Group sussette. See also: Beautiful TV Presenters in the World - Top-35

 Suha Nowailaty beautiful TV Presenter from Saudi Arabia photo

3. Nermin Mohsen / نرمين محسن (March 18, 1993, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) is a Saudi Arabian actress. Her debut was on 2010 in maraya series with Syrian actor Yasser al-Azma after that she begging the career in Many TV business. She was born to Saudi mother and a to Iranian father. See also: Top-22 Beautiful Iranian (Persian) Women

Nermin Mohsen most beautiful Saudi Arabian actress photo

2. Muna AbuSulayman / منى أبو سليمان (born 16 May 1973) is an Arab and Muslim media personality. She is also the former founding Secretary General of the Alwaleed Bin Talal Foundation and co-host of one of MBC TV’s most popular social programs, Kalam Nawaem (“Speech of the Soft”). In August 2013, Ms. AbuSulayman was announced as the Global Ambassador of Silatech. See also: Top-35 Beautiful Arab Women. Photo gallery

Muna AbuSulayman beautiful Saudi Arabian woman photo

1. Princess Ameera Al-Taweel/ الاميرة اميرة بنت عيدان بن نايف الطويل العصيمي العتيبي‎ (born 6 November 1983, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)  is a Saudi Arabian princess and philanthropist. She was the most high-profile newcomer to the CEO Middle East 100 Most Powerful Arab Women 2012 list. Princess Ameera was recently interviewed by Charlie Rose on Bloomberg and spoke about her work for equal rights and women's empowerment in Saudi Arabia through Alwaleed Foundations. See also: Most Beautiful Royal Women in the World: queens and princesses

Ameera beautiful Saudi Arabian princess picture

Princess Ameera beautiful Saudi Arabian girl photo

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