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Aydan Sener is the Turkish actress and model which enters a top of the Most beautiful Turkish actresses on our website.

Айдан Шенер / Aydan Sener красивая турецкая актриса

Biography Aydan Sener

Aydan Sener was born on March 1, 1963 in the administrative center of the province Kilis in the southeast of Turkey. When Aydan was five years old, her parents moved to the city of Bursa to the northwest of the Turkish peninsula of Anatoly.

In 18 years Aydan Sener became Ms. Turkey the winner of the national beauty contest "Miss Turkey", and later took part in the international contest "Miss World-1981". After the beauty contests, Aydan decided to devote herself to the career of a model; she acted for covers of fashionable magazines, participated in TV advertizing.

Aydan Sener "Miss Turkey 1981"

Айдан Шенер победительница Мисс Турция

Filmography of Aydan Sener

External data, Aydan's ability to keep on public didn't leave filmeyker indifferent and, partly, it has helped to receive to the 23-year-old beginning actress a legendary role in the Turkish series "Korolek Bird-Singing". TV series has brought Aydan Sener the world popularity and she became popular in all former of Soviet Union.

The role of strong in spirit and noble Feride didn't leave indifferent any viewer. The touching story about the rural teacher who has run away from the groom whom couldn't break the hardships and difficulties will rush in a flash. This life story will transfer all scale of human feelings from hatred to all-consuming love. Kenan Kalav became the partner of the actress in the movie.

Айдан Шенер и Кенан Калав фото

Айдан Шенер в роли Чалыкушу фото

Айдан Шенер Феридэ фото

Королёк - птичка певчая фото

Айдан Шенер красивая турчанка фото

Perhaps, one more known project of the actress is the mini serial "Milky Way" based on the work of the Turkish writer Kerime Nadir. It is story about love of two cousins - Zyulyal and Mezhata who, by their youth and carelessness trample the feelings, which will be engaged in the revival of life itself.

Aydan Sener has acted also in the mini serial Fatih Harbiye (1991) where she played the role of Neriman from poor quarter of Istanbul, which is preparing to marry a poor and decent guy. But the sudden fascination with young and rich seducer, crosses out Neriman's destiny.

In 2003 Aydan Şener starred in the miniseries Rose Branded / Mühürlü güller, which tells about the three women who are trying to forget about his past life and start all over again. They come to other city where nobody has to know them, but the destiny prepares new unforeseen events.

The roots of the actress known that her mother is Crimean Tatar and ancestors on the fatherly line were from Kazan. In 2004 Aydan Şener visited Kazan together with the father who wished to see the earth of the ancestors. Later in 2007 Aydan has arrived once again to Kazan on the Film festival of Muslim Cinema. And in 2013 the actress came to the Crimea where were conducted negotiations on shootings of series "Stars of Bakhchisarai".

Private life of Aydan Sener

In 1983 Aydan Sener married the football player of Turkish national team Ayhan Akbin playing for "Galatasaray".

Айдан Шенер с мужем Айханом Акбином фото  фото Айдан Шенер с мужем

According to the actress, the husband couldn't reconcile to her actor's profession and, once, for birthday presented to the wife a burqa. Finding no understanding, they decided to leave after eight years of marriage.

Aydan from the marriage remained daughter of Ecem. Aydan Sener tells the following about the daughter: "It is my life. My daughter basic idealist, as well as my heroine Feride".

Дочь Айдан Шенер - Эджем Акбин фото

Ecem didn't go in the footsteps of mother though she also got an actor's education and even managed to act in TV series, the girl was carried away more by architecture and design.

After the divorce Aydan Sener didn't marry anymore and decided to devote herself to career and education of the daughter.

Now Aydan lives in the private house with the adult daughter Ejem in an environment of numerous pets: cats and dogs. The actress is not indifferent to the fate of homeless and injured animals, so she is involved in social advertising projects designed to help homeless animals.

Айдан Шенер с собакой фото

Aydan Sener acts in theatrical performances, in series, she is a guest of numerous TV shows and transfers. Despite a loud role of Feride in series "Korolek Bird-Singing", Aydan Sener could win love of the audience and not to become the actress of one role.

Aydan Sener's Photos

Айдан Шенер модельные фото

Айдан Шенер турецкая модель фото

Айдан Шенер фото в молодости

Айдан Шенер фотомодель фото

Молодая Айдан Шенер фото

Айдан Шенер красивое фото

Улыбка Айдан Шенер фото

Айдан Шенер сексуальное фото

Актриса Айдан Шенер фото

Айдан Шенер фигура фото

Айдан Шенер портрет рисунок фото

Айдан Шенер в очках и шляпе фото

Айдан Шенер в России фото

Айдан Шенер в Баку фото

Айдан Шенер турецкая королева красоты фото

Турчанка Айдан Шенер  фото

Айдан Шенер талантливая актриса фото

Айдан Шенер в вечернем платье фото

Айдан Шенер макияж фото

Айдан Шенер в сериале фото

Айдан Шенер с другими турецкими актёрами фото


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