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Uzbekistan women are representatives of one of the most ancient Asian peoples. The Uzbek people have a unique history, a peculiar culture which distinguishes them even from the closest neighbors. The appearance Uzbek represents the most characteristic features of Asians, at the same time they are inherent and unique facial features of the structure, eye shape, especially the figures, and even manners.

Beauty of Asian women

Climatic conditions of the region, which is inhabited by Uzbeks, had an impact on their physical appearance, the traditional style of dress. It should be noted that even those beautiful Uzbekistan women, who live in the big modern cities have in her wardrobe a large number of national clothes and enjoy wearing it, even in ordinary weekdays. And festive attires delight all who love beauty and effective things. Uzbeks traditional suits are bright, similar to exotic flowers or butterflies.

Sun roast, sand, hot winds are features of climate of Uzbekistan. And this sun roast made skin of residents of the country suntanned. Practical all beautiful Uzbeks have the swarthy skin color, dark hair shining as silk. In their dark-brown eyes there is so much east mysteriousness. Uzbeks usually have short stature, although modern women, representatives of model business or the world of cinema, and can show the parameters of standard European figures.

Modern life of the Uzbek beauties

Long centuries Uzbekistan women lived inconspicuous life, being engaged only in the house and a family, being in a shadow of the men. But modern realities differ from historical. In the lists of ratings of world beauties can be presented and beautiful bright, successful and independent Uzbekistan women.

At their appearance there are traditional lines of the Asian peoples; swarty skin, dark hair and eyes with a narrow section. But in nature, lifestyle Uzbekistan women are no different from European women and American women. They made great progress in show business, cinema, in the model world. Among them there are the famous singers, actresses, business ladies. The combination of east appearance, modesty and restraint with confidence, education are especially interesting.

Top-23 Beautiful Uzbekistan (Uzbek) Women includes well-known actresses, singers, model and television presenter.

23. Rakhima Ganieva (born 1995) the first representative of Uzbekistan to take part in international beauty contest Miss World 2013. It is worth noting that in 2001, Uzbekistan has already attempted to participate in the "Miss World".

Rakhima Ganieva Miss Uzbekistan 2013 photo

22. Shahzoda Muxamedova (born 15 April, 1991) is an Uzbek actress, singer and television presenter.

Shahzoda Muxamedova Uzbek TV presenter photo

21. Matlyuba Alimova (born August 12, 1954, Andijan) is a Soviet Union, Russian and Uzbekistan actress. 

Matlyuba Alimova Uzbekistan actress photo

20. Jamila Gafurova is an Uzbekistan actress.

Uzbekistan actress Jamila Gafurova photo

19. Dilnoza Kubaeva (born November 22, 1986) is an Uzbekistan actress.

Uzbek actress Dilnoza Kubaeva photo

18. Asal Shodieva (born April 6, 1992, Tashkent) is an Uzbek actress and singer.

Asal Shodieva cute Uzbek actress photo

17. Diyora is an Uzbek singer.

Diyora beautiful Uzbek girl singer photo

16. Ruhshona (born March 21, 1994) is an Uzbekistan singer.

Ruhshona beautiful Uzbek girl photo

15. Zamzama (born 1991) is an Uzbekistan singer.

Singer Zamzama beautiful Uzbek woman photo

14. Oydin Yusupova (born November 13, 1984) is an Uzbekistan actress.

Oydin Yusupova beautiful Uzbek actress photo

13. Nilufar Usmonova (born April 6, 1987, Tashkent) is an Uzbekistan singer and actress. She is engaged in a solo career.

Nilufar Usmonova Uzbekistan singer picture

12. Hadicha is an Uzbekistan singer.

Uzbekistan singer Hadicha picture

11. Lola Yoldosheva (born September 4, 1985, Tashkent) is an Uzbekistan singer, songwriter and actress. Lola sings in Uzbek and Russian. 

Lola Yoldosheva sexy Uzbek female singer photo

10. Gulnora Qosimova (born June 1, 1986) is an Uzbekistan actress.

Gulnora Qosimova cute Uzbek actress photo

9. Shahzoda  real name - Zilola Musaeva (born July 28, 1979) is an Uzbekistan singer and actress.

Shahzoda beautiful Uzbek woman photo

8. Gulchehra Eshonkulova (born July 21, 1981, Tashkent) is an Uzbekistan actress.

Uzbek girl Gulchehra Eshonkulova photo

7. Sugdiyona Azimova (born 1988 г, Tashkent) is an Uzbek actress.

Sugdiyona Azimova Uzbek actress picture

6. Zarina Nizomiddinova (born March 29, 1989, Tashkent) is an Uzbekistan actress.

Zarina Nizomiddinova nice Uzbekistan actress

5. Shahzoda Matchanova (born August 8, 1987, Nukus) is an Uzbekistan actress.

Uzbekistan actress Shahzoda Matchanova photo

4. Dilbar Faizieva (born October 20, 1989, Tashkent) is a Russian TV presenter of Uzbekistan origin. See also: Beautiful TV Presenters in the World

Uzbek girl Dilbar Faizieva Russian TV presenter photo

3. Ravshona Kurkova (born August 22, 1980, Tashkent) is a Russian actress of Uzbek origin.

Ravshona Kurkova beautiful Russian actress of Uzbek origin

2. Sitora Farmonova (born August 20, 1984, Bukhara) is an Uzbek film actress, singer, and comedian. Since 2015 Farmonova has been participating in KVN, a Russian humor TV show and competition, as a member of the Bishkek-based team Азия MIX (Asia MIX). In July 2016, Farmonova faced criticism for "making fun of the Uzbek people" during one of the episodes of the show. This led to the suspension of Farmonova's license by Uzbeknavo, Uzbekistan's government agency that issues licenses to performers.

Sitora Farmonova most beautiful Uzbek woman photo

1. Rayhon Ganieva (born September 16, 1978, Tashkent) is an Uzbek actress and singer.

Rayhon Ganieva most beautiful Uzbek woman singer photo

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