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They say if somebody divide mankind for two groups of “cat admirers” and “dog fans”, the first group would have more females there. Yes, statistically exactly women adore these fluffy, always purring creatures that sometimes resemble elegant ladies themselves. Naturally, there are millions of men who sincerely consider their pet cat the best friend. Some of felines that usual people and celebrities own have already won the world-wide fame. Here are these popular cats.

The most popular cats

Our generation that lives in the era of high technologies, when everything that happens with us becomes known due to the Internet, social net users share with all Selfies, food, and, of course, their fluffy pets. Here are the kitties that have the fame of true celebrities. They have millions of subscribers! Meanwhile, have anybody guessed HOW these funny animals learn about their popularity and communicate with fans?

Grumpy cat

Probably, the face of this she-cat Tarda really looks too much grumpy. Meanwhile, the cat’s owner has a life of a happy wealthy person. Tarda (who has over 2 million of subscribers in Instagram and Facebook) brings her owner much income. The unique face of this cat provides her owners a comfortable life: a contract with Friskies, her biography, a movie about Tarda’s life, her website, online store – all this stuff brings much profit.

Grumpy cat photo

Nala — the most famous feline

Cats breeders would hardly appreciate Nala: the cat is a mixture of two breeds — Siamese and Striped ones. This cute creature has a bit slanting blue eyes that give her charm, over 3 million of subscribers, and good money for her owner.

Nala the most famous feline photo

Lil Bub — kitty that always show you her tongue

Lil Bub is a real example of a creature that has become happy due to her genetic abnormalities: the feline does not have teeth and always “show” her tongue; the toes on her paws are very large and her skeleton does not let Lil Bub grow. The funny little cat has won the fame and the hearts of 1, 5 million of subscribers in social nets.

Lil Bub kitty that always show you her tongue photo

Mr. White

Mr. White has become one of the most popular cats not only due to his snow-white fur, but thanks to his round eyes of different colors — sky-blue and green. Millions of subscribers, who admire Mr. While leave him indifferent – he is a devoted cat of his owner.

Mr. White most popular cats photo

Venus — the chimera cat

Venus is the feline that astonishes each one who sees her. Due to the mixture of different genes one half of her head is black with a green eye, and the other half is red with a sky-blue eye. Her body is a real extravaganza of red color mixed with black. Over a million and half of subscribers are her fans.

Venus the chimera cat photo

Coby – envy her beauty

Coby is popular due to the effect of her black make-up that makes the cat’s eyes extremely attractive. About a million of people that follow her profiles agree with it.

Coby most beautiful cat photo

Smoothie the most photogenic cat

While we complain that we look terrble on our photos, Smoothie never thinks about the appearance the nature has given to her. She is the most photogenic cat, always looking cure with her long fur and deep green eyes. Soon the cat will have a million of subscribers and prove that felines can be more popular than some celebrities.

Smoothie most photogenic cat

Albert — Munchkin cat

Albert shares his fame with other popular cats in social nets. His breed has gave him short legs, but the nature decided to play a cute joke at him — “brushed” his nose with black. Half of a million social nets visitors love Albert and collect his photos.

Albert Munchkin cat photo

Hamilton — the hipster cat

Hamilton also belongs to the most popular cats thanks to the second pair of his mustaches. Like a real gentlemen Hamilton does not love bragging with his appearance, but simply waiting when one of his 700,000 admires will come to his house with a bunch of fresh fish.

Hamilton the hipster cat photo

Roux — the cat with two legs

Although Roux was born only with 2 legs, she jumps better than Australian kangaroos. Meanwhile, those creaters are not as famous as Roxy. Over half a million of people in social nets admire this brave feline!

Roux the cat with two legs photo

Waffles – always knowing about fashion

Waffles, Scottish folded cat, might be not so famous if his owners would not dress him in cute funny cats’ clothes and publish hilarious memes on the pet’s page.

Waffles most popular cat of Instagram photo

Hosico — a “twin brother” of a cat from “Shrek”

Do you remember the cat from popular cartoon “Shrek”? When you see Hosico or at least meet his photos in social nets you’ll exclaim: “I know you, bro!” Hosico really looks like the famous animation hero…like a twin-brother!

Hosico a“twin brother” of a cat from “Shrek” photo

Meet another “angry” cat — Garfi

Indieed, fluffy red cat Garfi has the milder character than it can seem to you. He also resembles a cartoon hero Garfield and loves to purr after dinner.

Angry cat  Garfi photo

Certainly, there are other popular cats that got their fame due their appearance or some incidents that happen with them. “The fattest cat”, ”The most skinny cat”, “The most clever feline”: these and the other titles these funny, independent, but very devoted to their owners creatures have got. Probably you also own a kitty that differs from others?

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