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Modern hottest actresses are bright, successful, sexy women who are the subject of adoring of their numerous fans. Men and women, who watch movies with them, are sincerely interested in their life. At the same time, they are always the subjects of the most critical gossips. Many of these beauties work in Hollywood, the place that has become the real country of the stars, the fairy and mysterious land, where absolutely unusual persons live — very beautiful, rich, famous. However, this is another land that is placed in Asia — it is Indian Bollywood. And these hottest actresses are loved by those, who enjoy watching the tragedies of the lives of other people, forgetting about their own mischief. Naturally European film stars are well-known among their audience. Meanwhile, these women always dream of working in Hollywood, the place of their ambitions.

They are hot astonishing ladies of different ages, temperament, blondes and brunettes, intellectuals and seductresses. For a long time, most of these actresses had a “standard” appearance. They were lush blondes (just remember Marilyn Monroe), and then the “standard outlook” could be replaced by a skinny brunette or a beauty with red curls. Fortunately, now the actresses of Hollywood, Europe and even Bollywood (yes, even Indian women!) are so individual, that they do not resemble each other! They can differ in the height and type of the figure, the color and length of the hair; they represent not only different nationalities, but even races. What can unite them? Let us have a look at the top 10 hottest actresses to compare these ladies and understand what they have in common.

Kristen Jaymes Stewart — the women who always looked like a teen

Naturally, the most famous work of Kristen is Twilight, where she played the role of a vampire’s beloved woman. That time the actress was probably the most popular among teens. Young gentlemen beloved her, while girls adored her partner in the movie Robert Pattinson. MTV even awarded the pair for the “best kiss”. After the movie, Kristen’s fans learned that they are in love in reality. Meanwhile, something went wrong, and soon the rumors about their special preferences appeared. Many people were gossiping that Kristen Stewart was seen in the company of a girlfriend and they were kissing.

Ashley Michele Greene — also known for Twilight

Besides Twilight, this charming beauty appeared in Shrink, Butter, Edge and other popular movies that were filmed in Hollywood. No one can guess how this hottest actress manages to stay so attractive when working almost every day. Just think about it — the lady has already played her roles in over that 25 movies and she worked in a dozen of TV projects.

Angelina Jolie Voight — the most desired woman

Although Angelina is over 40 now, she is still the most desired woman for many guys. However, as the latest photos of Jolie show, something is wrong with this hottest actress she has become extremely thin, and some people even compare her with the skeleton. Everybody is still arguing if they are together with Brad Pitt of not. They say her spouse was cheating the actress, so they parted.

Charlize Theron — beautiful as an angel

Charlize Theron is not only the most famous actress of South Africa (the lady was born there). She is also an American model and a movie star of Hollywood. Do you remember how this angel looked when she played in The Devil's Advocate?

Jessica Alba – sexy dark angel

Popularity has come to Jessica, when she played her main role in Dark Angel. Later this one of the top 10 hottest actresses took her decision to play in comedies and looked very comic in Little Fockers 2.

Megan Denise Fox — lady that loves action

Megan Denise Fox, famous for Jennifer's Body and Transformers is probably not the brightest, but she definitely belongs to the hottest actresses of nowadays.

Aishwarya Rai — the most beautiful one

In 1994 Aishwarya Rai, the actress from Indian Bollywood was officially called the most beautiful of actresses, who ever lived! Curious, but she also works in Hollywood.

Nicole Mary Kidman — Australian beauty

Those, who do not like freckles on the faces of women might have not seen movies with Nicole Kidman, the beauty, who was born in Australia, but had to move to the USA and work there as a model and an actress with her own Oscar!

Diane Kruger — German beauty

Popularity has come to Diane with her movie Troy. That time, in 2004 her partner (in film, sure) was Brad Pitt. However, the year before in 2003 she was called among the hottest actresses of Europe.

Salma Valgarma Hayek — Mexican and American actress

Salma was the first Mexican actress, who was nominated to Oscar. Known as the woman, who has natural beauty, still, when she is over 50, looks fantastic!

Certainly, these gorgeous ladies have not only their beauty, given to them by parents and nature. Persistence, professionalism, diligence, ability to submit oneself — these qualities unite stars of different age and appearance.

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